What to eat in the post-workout?

The question is very common among those who work out in the gym: what to eat in the post-workout? Adequate nutrition in the post workout is essential to enjoy the benefits of physical activity performed, whether for the purpose of mass gain or weight loss.

With that in mind, this article brings some foods that deserve your consideration – you can find them on the shelves, both in major supermarket chains, as well as in the Day’s offers , or even in your gym’s cafeteria after a successful workout. done.

The first thing to do before making any serious decisions about changing your diet to get training results is to seek the services of a trusted doctor or nutritionist.

The comment may sound redundant, but any athlete who cultivates the body in a healthy way knows that each body has a different metabolism, as does the body’s energy demand for each type of training.

Follow-up is especially important for exercise routines designed for weight gain.

Despite this, it is possible, yes, to give an overview of foods indicated so that you do not run the risk of working hard and throw the results in the trash, losing lean mass. Every trip to the supermarket needs to be conscious for you to consume the best products for you.

Consuming the best products does not mean increasing spending, but making conscious choices and knowing how to search for offers so that the diet does not come out of your pocket. A good tip for those looking for practicality is to look for offers in brochures online, such as those at the Walmart supermarket .

Metabolism rules

In summary, the person who leaves the training will need to privilege two classes of foods: those rich in proteins and those with carbohydrates and highly energetic.

To understand why this is, a very brief explanation about the functioning of the human body is worth. The body’s metabolism can be divided into two types of process: catabolism and anabolism.

The catabolism is the type of process in which the body breaks complex organic compounds into simpler molecules. Catabolic processes generate energy for the body. An example of a catabolic process is the digestion of food.

The anabolism is the type of process in which the body form complex molecules from smaller ones – for this, spend up energy. An example of an anabolic process is the creation of proteins from amino acids (which generates muscles).

When the body has no energy for anabolic processes, it needs to generate some kind of energy. In this situation, the organism “urgently” interrupts anabolism to enter catabolism (“create” raw material) .

Why feed in the post-workout?

The effort made in training puts the athlete’s body in an anabolic state – therefore, a good pre-workout diet will guarantee the necessary energy to conduct the exercises maintaining well-being.

However, the human being is not a switch-off machine. When we finish the effort made in the gym, our body gradually slows down the pace of operations.

In other words, even after making the physical effort, the organism continues to “build” particles and expend energy. Therefore, it is necessary to supply it with energy also after training .

Types of food

In view of this need for energy replacement, it is necessary to eat foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates within half an hour after training. The purpose is to organize the diet and stimulate two basic functions in the body: proteins rebuild and preserve the exercised muscles.

Carbohydrates, on the other hand, serve to replenish the body’s glycogen stores, preventing the body from using proteins as an energy source.

In this situation, the type of carbohydrate desirable to eat is usually one that generates energy quickly. Some examples are:

  • Fruits (banana, for example)
  • Porridge
  • Tapioca
  • White rice

People who are overweight or intent on losing weight should look for less glycemic carbohydrate sources, however. That is why it is so important to seek professional help from a nutritionist for appropriate individual recommendations.

As for proteins: the best to meet this need are those with rapid absorption. Some examples are:

  • Chicken
  • Cottage cheese
  • Egg white
  • Skimmed milk

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is interesting to avoid fat and large meals when eating after exercise. If on the one hand it is important to energize the body, on the other hand absorption must be facilitated.

Whey and beats

The use of whey protein is common among hitches because it helps to preserve muscle mass, but this is a reality that is changing, since its consumption has reached several audiences.

According to a survey conducted by the consultancy Zion Market and released by ABIAD (Brazilian Association of the Food Industry for Special Purposes and the Like), there was a 7.2% growth in the whey protein market and the expectation is to reach R $ 40, 9 billion in 2021.

The worldwide consumption of whey protein has increased significantly and the young public is the one that has been most interested in supplement use, is what the study says. “The data still indicates that there is a young generation more inclined to play sports and attend a fitness center, which also suggests the consumption of Whey” (ABIAD, 2018).

But, do I really need to take whey after training to build muscle?

The answer is no – although it is usually a practical and effective way to replace proteins.

The reason for the widespread use of whey protein is the ease of absorption in liquid mode. The faster your body absorbs proteins and carbohydrates, the greater the chances of sustaining anabolism after training.

As whey concentrates proteins in a single compound, it makes the body’s work even easier. Liquid foods also require much less effort to metabolize.

This is also why beats and shakes in general are so popular. After all, the taste of whey or a shake is much more palatable than beating a chicken with a banana in a blender, for example.


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