10 tips for you to do when you hit that laziness

You committed yourself to exercise this year, signed up for the gym, did a physical evaluation (the results were not very good!), Bought new clothes and … lazy!

It’s time to go training, everything happens: phone calls, invitations to leave, traffic, extra work, appointments, body aches, a cloud in the sky, EVERYTHING is a reason not to go to work out! Let’s be honest – it’s up to you!

Some tips to get rid of that laziness!

  1. Remember WHY you wanted to start physical activity. Stick to that idea – it will motivate you to move on and overcome any contrary thinking.
  2. One STEP at a time. Set achievable goals and workable deadlines. One step taken, a victory won. Desiring everything all at once will cause frustration, as our bodies take time to absorb changes.
  3. Be a MODEL of health and motivation. Have you ever thought about being a model for your family and friends? This is what will happen if you stick to a training plan and stick to it. In addition to being great for your physical and mental health, it will also provide inspiration to those around you. Think about it.
  4. Find your FAVORITE activity. Your routine will be wonderful if you do something you enjoy. Look for an activity that matches your personality. The variety is immense: outdoors, on the water, individually or in groups, there are many options to choose from. Search.
  5. Make a DIARY. Keeping records of your workouts, sensations, circumference measurements, progress, etc., helps to keep your daily motivation high in the practice of physical activity.
  6. Turn off the TV. Just turn it back on after you’ve trained!
  7. Post on SOCIAL MEDIA. For some people, this commitment to Facebook or Twitter followers is important. Take pictures, talk about the difficulties of the day, achievements and failures. In addition to creating a bond between you and your friends, there is a possibility that you can inspire someone! Send it to our social networks!
  8. Time for training is SACRED. Everyone should know that at a certain time of the day, you will not be available, period. Non-negotiable. Be firm.
  9. Divide your training into SMALL workouts. When there’s not much time to train and your patience is low, the smart way to win is to create smaller, half-hour workouts, for example. Nothing will be forgotten and everything trained in one week. Worth trying.
  10. RESPECT YOURSELF. Today more than ever it is known that physical activity should be part of people’s lives to avoid diseases of the body and mind. If you still insist on thinking that this is not for you, you are disrespecting your health, your sanity and, consequently, that of the people who live with you. Allow yourself to feel happy and healthy. Do physical activity.

The attitude of change is often seen as an aggression to our routine – and it is! There is only one way to get out of where we are and go to another reality: changing.

Small actions can provide great achievements in our lives. Take it as a challenge and you will overcome the laziness that plagues you on cold days, rainy days, etc. If you can’t go it alone, hire a personal trainer – he / she will take care of motivating and moving your energies towards a better life.


by Abdullah Sam
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