Remedies and diets to lose weight, does it work?

After showing some  problems of obesity , I will talk about some points for those looking to lose weight fast as a miracle. The search for medicines and “miracle” diets and what to do when we finally reach the desired weight. These points can be crucial for your goal to be achieved or to maintain it.

I’m not going to be crazy here and keep saying that drugs are dangerous and etc … Some cases are necessary, but whoever evaluates this is a doctor, so if you want to start taking drugs to help you lose weight, consult a doctor.

Everyone knows that several people take medicines for this purpose, so I leave a message, I don’t know and I never saw a person who lost weight taking only medicines and remained thin after the end, even more without suffering from side effects. So if you want to lose weight to improve your health, you will not take something that can put you at risk, right?

Some weight loss problems with drugs and miracle diets

What happens is that we always look for the quickest and easiest way to get things done, we want a magic formula for everything, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. You haven’t been overweight in two months and you won’t be able to lose weight either.

Most of these remedies are appetite suppressants and without eating the tendency is to lose weight, but if you do not train and do not have adequate nutrition, what will happen when you stop taking the medication?

Everything will return to square, our body is an incredible machine, when you spend a lot of time without eating or eating little, the organism thinks that we are going through a “crisis”, imagine millions of years ago when man still had to hunt, of course that not every day there was food and how does the body defend itself against it?

Simple, a long time without eating makes the body spend less calories to maintain vital functions and when food finally appears, it quickly stores as much in the fat cells, will you know when you will have another meal? The organism does not care about aesthetics, it is concerned with its homeostasis, in maintaining the balance of the organism, if the order is lacking it is saving and storing as much as possible.

If you still want to take medicine, do it with medical supervision, do not run away from physical activity and have a healthy and regular diet. And of course, research about the contraindications and side effects, maybe that will make you think more about it.

Miracle diets often restrict many foods and nutrients important to us, the difference with the diet is that they are for shorter times and in the first feelings of discomfort we leave aside the miraculous.

There are hundreds of diets and a new one appears every day, as I am not a nutritionist I will not go into the subject much, ask anyone who understands: Dr.  Deise Santiago , but we must take care.

The best diets are made by qualified nutritionists, for the simple reason that they are made from your routine. So following your friend’s diet just because it worked with them doesn’t mean it will work for you, because your routine is different, your training and your body too, a fact that makes things more difficult to make the diet a miracle formula .

I will pass on some classic tips, you may have read them in a magazine or seen on television, however they are scientifically proven.

– Eat more often and in less quantity, the famous meal every 3 hours;

– Avoid carbohydrates hours before going to sleep;

– Avoid fried foods and fatty foods;

– Drink water more often;

– Preferably for complex carbohydrates (eg: fruits, grains, oats, sweet potatoes).

Following these tips you will already start to feel a difference and with the accompaniment of a nutritionist, passing the right foods to you at the exact moments, your diet will be perfect.

I lost weight! And now?

You got it! He lost weight and is now scared to return to his previous weight, if it was through medicine and diets, be careful not to recover everything again. The chances of you getting back to your old weight faster than it took you to lose it are great. Beginning training is necessary to maintain weight and increase quality of life.

With the weight achieved, you should continue to train, perhaps not with the same intensity or volume as before, the food too, perhaps, will not need to be so restricted. You have to create a habit, “like” the new lifestyle. The message here is clear and objective: Training is for life!

With the weight reached, eating too much candy or extrapolating a little on the weekend will not weigh on your conscience. If you have already made a habit of training and eating right, you do it without realizing it.

If you happen to have returned to the old weight, find out where you went wrong, it is very common to want to relax when the goal is reached, the best thing to do is to create new challenges to always be motivated .

Discipline and dedication to lose weight will only depend on you. Your teacher will pass the training to your goal, your nutritionist to the diet, but if it is not followed and performed it will be of no use. The path was shown only depends on you.


by Abdullah Sam
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