Condo Academy – Tips for setting up

Training in a condominium gym facilitates the day-to-day life of the resident and values ​​the property. Knowing how to set up the gym and how to train in it is essential so that the space does not become a headache for residents.

If having a gym was easy, everyone would have one at home, but gyms require attention, care and maintenance ranging from the time to set up to their day-to-day use.

I teach and often at condominium gyms . With that I have seen everything: from professional gyms to mega improvised gyms, which often ends up becoming a inconvenience for residents. And training should be something pleasant and pleasurable.

How do I set up a gym in my condo?

I personally have been able to help some condos in setting up or remodeling the gym and I want to share with you some important points that should be noted before spending on the first dumbell.

– Search: before setting up the gym, try to find out who are the people who will train on site, if they are young, elderly, if they are looking for health, aesthetics, functional activities, traditional training… Knowing who will use the gym facilitates the assembly and guarantees the investment right;

– Size: Some sites indicate a minimum of 50m², I would say it depends on many things, so doing a survey with the residents beforehand is essential. A functional appliance room is much smaller compared to a conventional appliance room. The number of residents will also impact the decision.

– Quotation: There are many companies that offer different types of gym equipment in condominiums. Prices and services can vary widely, knowing how to negotiate is essential. Some “smart” companies offer a percentage of the quote to the person in charge of the purchase. (Famous “help that I help you”) decreasing quality and making equipment more expensive. Stay tuned, I’ve seen it myself.

– Equipment:  Knowing the equipment to buy is essential. There are several types of appliances, brands and utensils that must be taken into account before purchase. Those famous multipurpose machines are usually lousy deals, because you can only do one thing at a time, which generates queues. In addition, they are never good for doing all the exercises that promise and in some cases the joint does not rotate along the axis making the exercise uncomfortable (at risk of injury).

Sometimes it is worthwhile to hire a professional to do this job, as this will save money and create a more productive gym. Companies offer this service, but often abuse the innocence of residents and push devices that are stationary.

If you want some more specific tips or want to give some tips leave them in the comments.

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Final considerations for condominium academy

Attention should also be paid to the location and structure, as I have already taught where the gym was on the top floor and without rubber flooring. Imagine the sound of the weight when it hit the floor, not to mention the treadmill.

(Ahhh big screen television is not part of the structure of a gym. It is amazing how condominium gyms like to place televisions that are often huge, a small and simple one is enough.)

Also pay attention to the cooling of the place – hot rooms to train are terrible and dangerous.

Necessary, but often overlooked, is available and easily accessible water, as well as alcohol for cleaning appliances and mattresses.

The layout of the room should facilitate the passage and organization of devices – define the location of each thing well so that everyone knows where to store it, architects, please ask for help to physical education teachers. A beautiful room, but not functional, is a great takeaway for users, the teacher knows well how is the day-to-day in a gym, he will help you.


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