Ninja Roll Exercise

Have you heard of this exercise? Ninja roll, is a great exercise for you to make your workout more challenging and fun. Check out!

The ninja roll is a very common exercise in functional training, but you can see its variations in fighting and crossfit . It is a great exercise to warm up or to increase conditioning.

How to do the ninja roll exercise?

The exercise consists of performing a deep squat , lying down, raising your legs and hips. Using the thrust of the arm and legs to bring the torso forward fast enough to return to the squat position.

To enter the squat correctly, place your feet close to your hips, when your feet are firm, lift your body to a standing position.

This is an exercise that seems difficult to see at first, but if you have a good flexibility , just hold a dumbbell or washer, maximum 5 kg, and when lying down to put the weight forward, inertia will be in your favor bringing you into the squat position much more easily.

Variations of the ninja roll

This exercise has numerous variations, in the video below I show some where you can work more upper or lower limbs.

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Because it is a dynamic exercise and with the performance of several muscles at the same time, you will notice an increase in heart rate , increasing physical conditioning and anaerobic resistance .

It is an exercise that requires a lot of flexibility in the hips, lower back and lower limbs. Mainly for entering and exiting the squat position.

With the variations the demand for muscle strength for any member will be greater, just adapt to your goal.

This is an exercise that I usually pass on to intermediate and advanced students, but if you are a beginner, depending on your level of strength and flexibility, you can try to do it too.


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