Do you need to learn math? With these web pages you will get it

If mathematics is not a subject that you are very good at and you need to improve your ability or want to learn for fun, the network can help you in this regard, thanks to various websites specialized in this learning of which we are going to show you those that we found more interesting.

Mathematics is something in which the middle ground does not exist, that is, either you like it and you are good at it or you don’t even want to see it. But that negativity can be changed if we have the necessary instruments and if we put our will, because in the end, if everything is explained to us meaningfully and in an enjoyable way, we can manage to reverse the situation and make it a fun, dynamic subject and interesting .

All the websites that we are going to show you are designed for all those who want to improve in mathematics or who directly need to acquire new knowledge of this exciting subject.

Let’s see which are the websites that we liked the most.

Sangakoo, a math social network

From this website they offer us a mathematics learning system based on practice and solving mathematical problems, all within a website where the collaboration of others is necessary. We are facing a kind of social network of mathematics , that is, each user will have friends with whom they can share the learning they are experiencing at that time and be able to express their doubts to others.

Sangakoo is a different, original and quite innovative way of making mathematics more bearable for users who have not yet found a taste for this type of subject.

Educatina, enjoyable learning

If Educatina is characterized by something, it is by trying to make mathematics easy to understand. They intend to make an explanation as pleasant as possible and that they do not turn into endless talks, but they concentrate everything in minutes.

Although they do not only focus on mathematics, as is the topic that concerns us today, tell you that all the content of this subject that we find on this website is designed by specialists, in addition to having videos that can also help in learning .

Educatina’s level is middle and university, so if you are in that position, this may be the website that helps you in this matter.

Ekuatio, learning from scratch

Thanks to Ekuatio we will be able to learn mathematics from scratch passing through all the necessary levels until we reach university. We have at our disposal videos, exercises or quizzes to understand and learn mathematics in the best way possible. It is a website designed for students from the beginning until they reach ESO and then to Baccalaureate.

With all that this website offers, we will be able to better understand this subject and get the best possible grades to enter the university career we want in the future.

Thatquiz, math questions

This is a different website than what we have seen so far, because we can consider it as a test of mathematical knowledge . We choose the theme and from there we begin to answer all the questions that the system asks us. At Thatquiz we have many concepts to explore such as fractions, units, graphs, angles, triangles, geometry, sets, arithmetic, probability, algebra, factors and various other things. Outside of mathematics we also have the possibility of learning languages ​​(English, Spanish, French and German), geography or science.

Smartick, learn with minimal effort

Thanks to this website you can learn math in a fun way and without a “titanic” effort. It is aimed at the smallest of the house and aims for the child to use daily sessions of 15 minutes to learn in the most enjoyable way possible.

His Smartick method is not strict and although he says that the sessions will be 15 minutes each day , the system adapts to each child, offering him all kinds of possibilities and having the most appropriate rhythm for each case. It is a payment website that moves between 19.90 and 39 euros per month.

Superprof, a very complete website

It is a very complete platform for ESO and Baccalaureate students . One of the most positive things about the web is that it is distributed by courses, so you can study a specific course and everything related to it is in the same section.

In Superprof the exercises are interactive and we have a lot of variety, which will allow better learning and perfect the mechanics when doing these mathematical problems. In addition, if we have a problem with an exercise we can always see the solution and thus know where we have gotten stuck and we have not known how to continue.

Touch you, something different

Tocamates is a blog to learn mathematics in a different and original way. Here exercises are proposed to practice mathematics and to solve these exercises you have to be creative when manipulating objects. In this way the imagination is increased and mathematical concepts that are otherwise abstract are understood. This way, this material can stop being so robotic in many aspects and will become something more natural.


Retomates is aimed at primary and secondary school students , so they can learn math online and have fun. It is a website where we have a good number of exercises, exams and games , but all from a point of view more in the field of the student being an accomplice of what he is doing. That is to say, they do not conceive that it is a pounding website where only accounts are made, but they pretend that at the same time that they perform those actions the student has a good time.

With all the websites that we have shown you today, mathematics can be learned in an entertaining, fun and original way, so that we do not have the feeling of being in a subject where we are only “puppets” and that we do not really understand what we do. Thus, mathematics is no longer studied and we believe that today we have given a good account of it.


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