discover 10 health benefits of honey

One of the proofs of how surprising Nature can be, honey is a naturally sweet, tasty and very healthy food for the mind and body. Produced by bees and the nectar of flowers, honey can be found in the combs of hives, where it is religiously stored by the action of insects.

Sticky and delicious, honey is mainly used as a filling and to sweeten food and drinks naturally, as it has a significant source of carbohydrates , sucrose , fructose and glucose , which explains the incredibly sweet and pleasurable taste.

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Although the food has components that are able to contribute to weight gain, the effects of honey can be contrary when consumed in a moderate way. Without exaggeration, the food only has benefits to show if it is ingested in the maximum amount of 10 ml per day , also including a little push needed when it is time to lose weight.

For those who want to add the fluid to the daily menu, it is worth using honey to sweeten drinks, especially natural juices or teas. In place of refined sugar, the liquid can make your drink taste great and contribute to your health at the same time, be sure to try it out.

1. Power source

Due to the action of carbohydrates and glucose, honey usually causes an energy gain that can be noticed right after consumption. The body quickly absorbs the glucose contained in honey, which helps to increase mood and mood.

Because it is sweet, it is common for many people to fear the daily consumption of honey. However, the rapid energy gain coupled with an improvement in metabolism means that the food only offers health benefits, being recommended for athletes and for those who practice regular physical activity.

2. Nutritious food

The list of nutrients in honey is almost countless, starting with an extensive variety of vitamins and minerals. The liquid produced by bees contains iron , potassium , calcium , magnesium and phosphorus . In 25 grams of honey it is possible to find an average of 77 calories.

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In addition, the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of some substances in honey contribute to maintaining health at several points. To keep the body well nourished, it is worth betting on a daily and moderate dose of the fluid.

3. Weight loss friend

Honey has both the power to fatten and to lose weight and everything will depend on the user of the food. If the consumption of the liquid is exaggerated, the amount of glucose, carbohydrates and other substances can contribute to weight gain . However, in a moderate way, it is possible to lose weight and speed up the metabolism with a daily dose of honey.

Eating honey with water and lemon in the morning, for example, is an excellent way to accelerate weight loss . In addition, the benefits will also appear if the user substitutes ordinary sugar for the natural fluid.

4. Disease prevention

Several researches have already shown the efficiency of honey in combating chronic diseases, such as cancer and serious heart problems. Rich in antioxidants, the food protects cells from free radicals, reduces the risk of cancer, cholesterol levels and proteins responsible for heart problems.

5. Medicinal properties

For those who have the flu and a sore throat, a dose of honey can be vital for faster healing and faster pain relief. The miraculous effect is in the antimicrobial properties, which prevent the growth of microorganisms, reduce inflammation and combat the effects caused by allergic reactions.

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The medicinal effect of honey goes far beyond sore throat. The liquid also contains antibacterial substances, in which many microorganisms are sensitive. The result of this is also an extra power to fight respiratory problems and cause a feeling of relief for the user.

6. Improved sleep quality

The production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that causes a feeling of well-being, can also be stimulated by the consumption of honey. As a consequence, the user feels more relaxed, peaceful and better able to have a quality night’s sleep. To increase the effects, it is recommended to drink hot milk with a little honey before bed.

7. Benefits for the skin

The benefits for the skin are also guaranteed by the antioxidant properties of honey, which helps to combat premature aging by reducing free radicals. For making the skin softer, more beautiful and healthier, it is also common to use honey in the production of cosmetics and creams for skin hydration.

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8. Sugar substitute

While refined sugar has dozens of damage to the body that turn the sweetened spice into a real villain for health, honey is an entirely natural, sweet and very healthy element.

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For those who have difficulty dropping sweet foods, replacing sugar with honey can bring good results for health and also for the diet. Another alternative to refined sugar is brown sugar, which is more natural and healthy for the body.

9. Healthy mind

Honey also contains doses of choline, which is useful in the production of neurons and in maintaining the health of the mind, as well as preventing degenerative diseases. Next to the egg, the food has great advantages for the brain. (Diet with egg: find out if the food is good or bad for your health).

In addition, the fluid is also a rich source of potassium, which helps to keep blood pressure on track.

10. No stress

For those looking for a more peaceful and quality life, adopting honey on the daily menu can be a real therapy through food. With the power to cause relaxation and increase the feeling of well-being, the fluid also fights stress levels and can provide real relief after a heavy day .

Have honey as a health ally in all aspects, including body and mind. With a healthy diet and small daily doses of honey, it is possible to enjoy the benefits that extend in all areas of life.


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