Digital strategies to increase electronic sales

An SME can activate a Google or Facebook campaign as the same as the big companies. And if an entrepreneur knows how to do it well, it can cost cheaper and have even more presence ahead of the competition.

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs need to approach digital strategies Who knows how to generate sales on the Internet.

Solutions to sell. What elements are necessary to sell online and generate value? Engel Fonseca, partner and director of Harren Media Mexico and Miami, presents key recommendations:

1 Identify your requirement : The most important thing is to identify how much demand there is in your favor. There are many people out there who are not looking for your company, but the solution you offer.

2 Find : Make your site easy to find. The fewer letters the domain has, the more memory.

3 Training strategy : If you already understand the requirement and you already have, the following is a recruitment strategy.

Your site must be enabled to be functional because at the end of the day the user is not interested in the mission, vision, etc. It could happen in an exceptional case, but what you are looking for are solutions. In this between being interchangeable and having a good recruiting page is where the importance of investing in online advertising lies.

4 Activate campaigns : If you have already placed the requirement, you are non-contactable and you have a good page, you must activate campaigns where the Internet becomes your seller. The internet can potentially get back to a 24-7 seller because it can run a campaign all the time. On the site, there are campaigns for cost for registration, cost per call, cost per follower on Facebook, cost per follower on Twitter, cost per download, cost per read, cost per video watched, etc. Everything is measurable and therefore has the potential for very strong wages.

5 Investing : Investing in the Internet from the perspective of investing, not spending and very, very time-consuming to the extent. Any PBM, if they have little money for advertising, have the same capacity for opportunities, if it is optimized and is astute, the result? Similar to the big corporations that invest a lot.


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