Key tips for tech entrepreneurs

What is the vision you hope to achieve with your company?

Start with your proposed goals and maybe achieve them faster than you think with these 7 tips tech entrepreneurs.

1 “Long-term design,” according to Mark Zuckerberg

As Zuckerberg said: “The purpose of Facebook is to connect all people in the world through the network.

2 “Start with an idea” by Jack Dorsey

According to the co-founder of twitter, He says that looking at an idea instead of a big company helps make every decision easier.

3 “Make it as fun as possible” according to Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger

If you see that your business is not increasing in a productive way, the best choice is to get closer to the public and see their interests. The customer will always go for the funniest product or service.

4 “Try to save time” according to Nicholas Chopper

You can do even more things within your Enterprise if you try to organize yourself and remove your obstacles that will only waste your time.

“Don’t Offer Bad Products” by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick:
It’s best to make sure your product or service is very good at selling on its own.

5. “Lead yourself to organic growth” according to Jan Koum

WhatsApp creator says: “We are just focusing on the organic growth of our product. We have never announced. What we are looking for is our network to be organic.

6 “Learn to stop from time to time” according to Nguyen Ha Dong

The creator of a Flapyy bird says, “not every increase in your product is good.”

7 “Hire people capable of doing the job well,” according to Drew Houston

Earlier Hiring a staff It is always good to explain and give a brief tour of the company so you will be educated with the company.

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