Digital Marketing Strategy: 10-step map to achieve your goals.

The digital marketing strategy , like any strategy in essence, is a vital matter and so important as to determine the survival of a company or success of a business.

The digital marketing strategy , like any strategy in essence, is a vital matter and so important as to determine the survival of a company or success of a business.

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Therefore, it is essential to know it, study it and practice it.

In short, it is a well-structured plan to greatly increase your chances of winning what you are working for or competing for.

It’s about getting to know yourself very well, and getting to know your competitors to chart the best path to your goals, with anticipated reactions and consequences.

Although the content of the digital marketing strategic plan is not decisive because it is a theoretical document, and the hard work where you play it is in the tactics, if your strategy is well organized and weighed, the chances of success skyrocket.

Because things are never what you plan and there are external elements that will influence your path, the digital marketing strategy must be flexible and have the ability to adapt to circumstances.

It is also important to note that the digital marketing strategy positions you in the market and leads the public to your service or product, but the sale must be done equally, be it through an irresistible promotion or with the deployment of the best persuasive and commercial arts. you know.


Index of contents

  • Difference between strategy and tactics.
  • What is a strategic digital marketing plan?
  • Phases of planning the digital marketing strategy
    • 1 Study phase
    • 2 Definition phase
    • 3 Action Phase
  • The 10 Steps to create a digital marketing strategy
    • 1 Identify and ensure agreement
    • 2 Create a Storytelling
    • 3 Define the objectives of the digital marketing strategy
    • 4 Analyze the initial situation
    • 5 Define Positioning
    • 6 Create the Buyer Persona
    • 7 Definition of digital marketing strategy
    • 8 Tactical and action plan
    • 9 Decide which platforms and tools will be used
    • 10 Define the budget and KPIs
  1. Difference between strategy and tactics.

The digital marketing strategy is the plan to achieve the objectives, and the tactic is the practical execution of the planned actions.
According to RAE strategy is art, plans to direct an issue.

It is a translation of the plan into concrete actions.

  • Objective:Increase the customer portfolio or market share by “X”% in 1 year.
  • Strategy:Launch a product / service with the characteristics….
  • Tactic:Use channel “X” to broadcast the actions with influencer “Y”


  1. What is a strategic digital marketing plan?
  2. a) It is a written documentand the best thing is that it is eminently visual.
  3. b) That defines the wayto achieve specific objectives.
  4. c) Integrate the contribution ofmarketing valueto the business.
  5. d) It orders, gives meaning and power to the tacticsand their results.
  6. e) It can be for the brand, product, service or the entire organization.
  7. f) Define control procedures, data metrics and responsibilities.


  1. Phases of planning the digital marketing strategy

Simplifying in three phases all the work we could say that in broad strokes they are:

3.1 Study phase

Situation analysis. Analysis of the competition, the market and the company.
Study of the audience profile. Define and know the target audience.

3.2 Definition phase

Definition of the objectives. Define and convert business goals to marketing.
Positioning desired. The place we want to occupy in the market.
Definition of the strategy. What we will do to achieve the objectives.

3.3 Action Phase

Tactical plan. The practical execution of the defined strategy.
Measurement. Establish the metrics that best measure progress.


  1. The 10 Steps to create a digital marketing strategy

At this point the three content phases of the strategic plan are developed and established, they are the concrete steps you must take.

This is a list that obviously can vary when you apply it to your company, but that would normally be applied to any business as a minimum and deepening at each point what is necessary.

4.1 Identify and ensure agreement

It is necessary that the digital marketing strategy is in line with the content of the overall marketing plan of the company.

At this point it is necessary to be clear or discern the why of the company, what it wants to achieve, what are the reasons why we differentiate ourselves, if we have a unique and well-defined value proposition for which we are going to be eligible and what it is the ultimate reason for the project, business or company.

4.2 Create a Storytelling

It is a story that connects your users with the message you transmit. You create your brand story.

This story should define (intuitively) who you are, tell what you do and what you bring to the world. You create authentic messages and slogans unique to your brand. You define and modulate the way of expressing yourself to connect and empathize with the audience.

4.3 Define the objectives of the digital marketing strategy

We need to know concretely and specifically the objectives and then establish the path to follow up to them.

What are the objectives, what do you want to achieve by achieving them.

Translate business goals into digital marketing goals.

4.4 Analyze the initial situation

Now is the time to analyze the market, the competition, your company and the target or audience profile.

I recommend doing low cost analysis, it is not worth doing large and expensive market studies, the essence of this point is to know if your product is in demand, what is your competition and under what internal conditions are you going to compete.

4.5 Define Positioning

Analyze the positioning of our brand, products or services and decide the place and market position that we want to occupy. Taking into account what the competition is doing, what your audience wants and what you can offer.

4.6 Create the Buyer Persona

It is the concretion of the person or worker within the company to which you are going to go. So you must define the avatar with as much information as possible about this person, who is the one who decides whether to buy from you or not, to use the language and send them the appropriate messages depending on who they are, likes, behaviors, preferences, etc.

4.7 Definition of digital marketing strategy

What are we going to do to achieve the objectives. And what more efficient tactics can help me more quickly and safely. What mix within the 360 ​​we are going to use, I mean that surely implementing some of the traditional marketing will be convenient and necessary.

4.8 Tactical and action plan

The practical execution of the defined digital marketing strategy. At this point you must be very exhaustive and specific. What tactics influence each objective, what action corresponds to each strategic part.
It is essential to schedule everything, monthly and weekly actions, with monthly reviews as a minimum.

4.9 Decide which platforms and tools will be used

Each action proposed in the tactical plan must be developed with a tool, we will choose at this point which are the best for the fulfillment of the objectives, they will be certain social networks, SEM advertising, email, etc.

4.10 Define the budget and KPIs

What budget do we have available? determines and will order (when and how) prioritizing the tactics that we can execute to pursue the achievement of objectives.
Finally, establish the results metrics that allow us to know if the tactic is on the right track to achieve it, or if we should readjust or change something in the plan.


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