Different Types of Motivation at Work, What Are There?

Everyone must have the motivation to work because it can make you more excited and not easily bored. What types of work motivation does a person have? Here is the explanation.Have you ever been asked a question that says “What is your motivation to work”? Perhaps the question you hear most often when you attend a job interview. However, you should start thinking about this question often because motivation at work is very important to have.

If someone doesn’t have the motivation to work, they tend to get bored and bored more easily while doing it. Indeed, the motivation to work for each person is quite different, but this motivation serves to encourage people to want to continue to work harder.

If until now you have never thought about having the motivation to work, take a look at some of the following explanations.

What are the motivations of working people?

There are many types of work motivation, ranging from wanting to earn money or even just wanting to channel your hobby and fill your spare time. Come on, find out more about the various types of work motivation for someone.

Get income to make ends meet

Getting an income that can be used to make ends meet is the biggest motivation for some people who work. Economic demands make many people have to work hard to meet their needs. Even though the work done is quite heavy, usually people who have this motivation will remain sincere in doing it. The reason is, they really need income to make a living.

For those of you who are still not married, maybe the salary can still be used for traveling or just buying things that are not really needed. However, for someone who is married, income from work is very important to buy daily necessities or even to pay all the installments.

Even though you have the motivation to work for a salary, don’t let you work without having more interest and just want to work as is to get a salary at the end of the month, huh. Keep trying to do your best because when your work results are good, of course, your position can go up and your salary can increase.

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Generate experience

For fresh graduates or students who have just graduated from college, when asked “What is your motivation to work?” may be suitable answered with answers that enrich the experience. Fresh graduates who are just starting their career have the motivation to gain more experience .

When just trying a career, salary is not the first thing to think about. Seeking and gaining experience should take precedence because it will help get a smoother career path. Having a lot of experience will of course also make you more professional in your current field. This motivation will encourage you to continue working hard in order to get the desired career path.

Want to get a higher position in the office

Who doesn’t want to get a high position in the office? Everyone certainly has the desire to sit in a higher position where he works. The higher the position, the greater the benefits. Not only in terms of material, but the high position also affects the connection and many other things.

If you really want to get a higher position in the office, you can make this your main motivation while working. This motivation is very good because it will make you work harder and want to deepen your skills and improve your quality. Hard work and consistency in completing work will make it easier to help you to get promoted immediately.

However, remember that the higher the position, the greater the responsibility that is assumed. In addition, you should never do unfair competition for the sake of getting a higher position in the office. Keep on being honest and continue to work hard in order to realize the dreams you have.

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Hobby and want to produce works

Many young people seem to have the motivation to work to pursue their hobbies and want to produce new works. Those who have this motivation do not really care about the amount of salary they receive. The reason is, they only want to create works and channel their hobbies.

For example, let’s say you like photography and prefer to work as a freelance photographer rather than being an employee at a large and well-known company. Your motivation to work to become a freelance photographer is of course because you want to channel your hobby.

Even though it’s only for a hobby, it doesn’t mean that this motivation is not good enough. This motivation can also make you work harder and keep working. For some people, work is more important than money. Sounds idealistic, right?

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You can determine the path of life you want as freely as possible. Even so, you can choose what motivation suits you the most. Whether it’s a freelance photographer or a freelance writer , any work done from a hobby can make life happier and more energized at work.

Whatever your motivation for work, you should always give your best when you are working on the job you have chosen. When you feel bored working, maybe you should try to find new things while working, for example trying to work in a coworking space .

Here, you can see new sights and of course it can make you more enthusiastic about working. Don’t forget to stop by CoHive if you want to experience the sensation of working in a coworking space that is unique and different.


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