Motivation: Functions, Objectives and Types of Motivation

Definition of Motivation – Currently there are many motivational words circulating in society. There are also many motivators who are on the rise in various media. Motivation is needed to be more enthusiastic and motivate yourself.

Motivation is not only in the form of words, but a strong impulse from within. Motivation usually comes from the hope of getting an outcome.

In this article we will discuss about motivation, what is motivation? what are the theories, types and factors that can influence motivation ?.

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Definition of Motivation

The notion of motivation is an impulse, desire or interest that is so great within oneself to achieve a certain desire, image and goal. The existence of motivation will make individuals try their hardest to achieve what they want.

Someone who has high motivation will have a good impact on his life. The high level of motivation will change their behavior, to reach their goals and live a better life.

Therefore, everyone really needs motivation for himself. This is so that you don’t easily give up and feel down . And can quickly get up when you experience failure.

Motivation Theory

Motivation also has theories behind it. There are several well-known motivation theories, which are as follows:

1. Maslow’s Theory

Maslow’s theory assumes that individuals will have the behavior to encourage their life, in order to meet all the needs of life. Individuals tend to try to meet their first needs.

Then it will fulfill the second, third and so on. This will continue to happen, in order to fulfill the priorities in his life.

2. Theory of Justice

Adam Smith has developed this theory. He stated that in the theory of his findings, there are 4 main components, namely outcome , input , equity in equity and comparison person .

Outcome means anything that produces, for example, wages, bonuses or promotions. So, usually someone will be motivated to get this outcome.

Input is an award that is obtained to support its performance. Meanwhile, equity in equity is a comparison between employee inputs and outcomes with one another.

Finally, the comparison person is the opportunity for an individual to become an employee in a particular company or organization.

3. Expectancy Theory

As the name suggests, this theory is developed based on individual expectations to achieve everything he wants. So, individuals who have hope will definitely work hard to make it happen.

4. Achievement Motivation Theory

This theory was discovered and developed by Hasibuan. He argued that an employee must have potential energy.

This potential energy can be released by each individual, based on the amount of motivation that is in him. So, this energy can generate hope, achievement and success in doing work.

Types of Motivation

Motivation is divided into two types. Then, what are the types of motivation? Check out the explanation below:

  • The first is internal motivation, which is motivation that comes from within each individual. The motivation grows from within without influence from others.
  • The second is external motivation. Contrary to internal motivation, external motivation comes from outside the individual himself. This means that this motivation arises as a result of the presence or influence of other people, as well as things that come from outside him.

Factors Affecting Motivation

Apart from the types of motivation, there are also factors that influence the motivation that exists in each individual. Of course, the motivational state of each individual will be different. Then, what are these factors? Check out the explanation below:


The factor of satisfaction or also known as satisfier is a factor that comes from within oneself. Therefore, the satisfaction factor can also be referred to as instrinsic motivation.

The existence of a satisfying factor will encourage each individual to always get an achievement. This achievement is certainly able to provide a sense of satisfaction in itself. So, the things that can affect the satisfying factor are as follows:


(A). Achievement

Achievement or achievement will be the main motivation for someone to be enthusiastic at work. He will provide good quality work, always innovate and provide satisfying results, so that he can achieve achievements.

(B). Responbility

Apart from achievement there is also responsibility or responsibility. Every individual must have a sense of responsibility within him. That sense of responsibility can encourage individuals to do their jobs as well as possible.

(C). Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a theory developed and comes from the level of satisfaction equation. This theory suggests that a person’s personal will determine his own job satisfaction.

2. Maintenance factor

The maintenance factor comes from outside the individual, so it can be called extrinsic motivation. Motivation exclusions are influenced by other individuals or other things outside that individual.

How to Increase Work Motivation

Not all individuals have high motivation, so it is not surprising that the achievements or achievements of each individual are different. Today many individual phenominations are demotivated.

As a result, he will give up and give up, so that he does not have the enthusiasm to live his life and work. This makes individuals have to be able to increase work motivation.

However, not all individuals can increase their motivation. So, below will be given tips on how to increase work motivation, namely as follows:

1. Find Jobs According to Interests and Talents

Getting a job that matches your interests and talents will increase motivation at work. You will be happy and sincere to do the job.

There will be lots of innovations and new ideas that you will release, so that you will motivate yourself to always excel at work. Do work with pleasure, so that you will be motivated by itself.

2. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking will certainly greatly affect the level of motivation that is in yourself. Therefore, think positively so that good energies are channeled in the body as well.

This will provide a good stimulus as well, so that it will generate great motivation within ourselves to do a job as well as possible.

3. Keep Learning

You have to keep learning to discover new things that come from outside. This external encouragement can increase your work motivation for the better. There will be a lot of meaningful lessons that you encounter out there.

4. Get enough rest

Adequate quality rest can also spur motivation within yourself. Take breaks when your brain and body refuse to work. Body health is also important, to maintain fitness.

Good body fitness can generate good motivation too. So, love your body, don’t force it to keep working!

5. Get the Appropriate Award

Appreciation in a job will certainly be a goal in life. For that, make sure that you have received an award or salary that is in accordance with your job.

Function and Purpose of Motivation

Motivation also has its own function and purpose, so below will explain the function and purpose of motivation, which are as follows:

1. Determine the direction of the steps

Motivation will be able to guide you in determining the steps in life. Whether such as the goals that will be achieved, the achievements that will be obtained and all the things you want.

Motivation is what will move you to always do the best things in life. So, motivation can also determine your success in life.

2. Determine the Action Decision

While living life, of course there will be many actions taken, both those with small to large risks. The purpose and motivation itself is to determine every action taken.

Is a decision to take action right? What are the impacts and risks in the future? It all depends on the motivation that is in you.

So, develop your motivation well, so that all decisions have a good impact in life.

3. Selecting Actions

Through motivation, you will be able to determine what is necessary and what is not. This means that you will be able to determine actions that will produce good results in the future. You will also be able to do it with the least risk.

So, those are some important things related to motivation. Never ignore the importance of motivation, because motivation will build yourself up in life’s activities.


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