What Are Different Sources of Light

he light serves to illuminate, correct? But did you know that there are different sources of light? Click and check it out!

The natural light that illuminates our planet is produced by the star called the sun, which is located about 150 million kilometers from Earth. The light produced by the Sun travels through the universe at a speed of approximately 300,000 km / s (kilometers per second) reaching Earth about 8 minutes after being released by the explosions that occurred.

The sun is considered a source of natural light

Sunlight is responsible for the life of beings on the planet. Plants use sunlight to produce their own food, releasing oxygen gas, which is important for living beings. We would not be able to survive without the presence of oxygen on the planet.

Due to the Earth’s rotation movement (Earth’s displacement around the Sun), the Sun is unable to fully illuminate the Earth , thus, all regions are dark when they are not facing it.

The rotation movement of planet Earth is
responsible for the occurrence of days and nights

For this reason, man, over time, built instruments capable of producing artificial light. Among the oldest we have the lamp and the candle.

Nowadays, with the discovery and implantation of electric energy, objects that produce artificial light are part of most houses. The lamp stands out as the most used object in the production of artificial light. Observe some models of lamps used today:

Flashlights are also used in the production of artificial light. They use batteries to emit light. See examples:


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