How to activate on Kindle Fire ‘Unknown sources’

Kindle Fire is a full-featured Amazon tablet. This makes it a good competitor compared to other companies’ products due to its low cost. The only detail is that it does not originally have the Google services we are used to. If you want to have Google applications on your tablet , you must continue reading the data that we present below.

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  1. How is the ‘Unknown Sources’ option enabled on Kindle Fire?
    1. In first and second generation devices
    2. From the third and fourth generation devices
  2. How do I install an APK file on the Tablet?
  3. How are Apps installed from the Play Store?

How is the ‘Unknown Sources’ option enabled on Kindle Fire?

Amazon created this group of computers with the original intention of being a book reader, then other functions were added such as sending downloaded books to your friends,  listening to music and more.

With the passage of time the Kindle Fire were gaining their ground because of their own merits, since it was evolving and adding new functions that make these teams very competent. Amazon with other companies, does not claim to make a lot of profit from the devices, so it offers them at very low cost. Rather, they prefer to monetize the services and content that a user can buy when they close their virtual store.

However, there is a way that you can allow anyone to download from unknown sources . You just need to enable this option with a few steps.

In first and second generation devices

Amazon launched its first Kindle Fire a little more than a decade ago, from that moment until now it has included several generations of this device with different improvements in its launches.

If you have a first or second generation computer and you want to enable unknown sources to download, you should know that you must configure your device and download the APK files correctly so that you can use the store.

In the case of first and second generation computers, you have to search through the device settings and click on More. Then you must verify that the Allow application installation option is enabled.

This will allow you to download the APK file packages that are necessary to download the application from the Google Play Store and have the services of this system on your phone.

From the third and fourth generation devices

If you have a third or fourth generation computer and you want to have the Google application store available, then you must go to the settings and select the applications tab. This will activate the unknown sources section. This step is essential, since if you do not do it, the computer will not give you permission to continue with the process. Therefore, you should not ignore it, thinking that it is a detail of little importance.

As in each generation you can change the direction of the steps to enable the unknown sources section, you should look in the security and privacy section of your computer . Maybe there you will find what you are looking for.

How do I install an APK file on the Tablet?

In order to enjoy the Google services that you are used to, you must first download some APK packages that give your computer the necessary framework to run applications from unknown sources.

If these APK files that you download are not from a legitimate source, you can put your computer at risk . Since these files can contain viruses or something corrupted, which can make your situation worse.

Now, to download the packages you must be careful to do so following the following order to the letter. First, from the browser download the Google Account Manager APK , second the services framework, third download the Google Play Services APK and finally the Google Play Store APK.

If when you download a security alert, do not worry, because once you download a package this ad will no longer appear. When you have the packages ready, you have to go to the Google Play Store and start your account. Then you must update the applications in order to start the downloads.

How are Apps installed from the Play Store?

When you have carried out all the steps that we mentioned before, it is advisable to restart the computer so that the changes you have made are established in the system. After this you can handle your device like any other.

You just have to press the Play Store icon to access all the applications that this store offers . Select the services of your choice one by one and click the install button. Then start your account with your data or if it is the first time you use a particular application, then you should preferably register with your Google account.

Once all the applications have been installed from the store, you can use them as you would with a mobile phone or with a computer. Try to keep up to date with updates.

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