How to increase the brightness of your Kindle Fire Screen?

A Kindle Fire device is a tablet originated to read and buy digital books offering a great experience to users, although it can also perform other functions. This device has configurable aspects such as the brightness of the screen, in this tutorial you will see different ways to increase the brightness of the screen and other aspects to customize it.

How to increase the brightness of your KINDLE FIRE SCREEN? – Customize the screen

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  1. What are the methods to customize your screen brightness on Kindle Fire?
    1. With quick setup
    2. In the settings app
  2. What other modifications should you make to the screen of your Kindle Fire?
    1. the wallpaper
    2. auto brightness
    3. blur the shadows

What are the methods to customize your screen brightness on Kindle Fire?

There are two methods used by users to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen of the Kindle Fire device, you can use the quick settings or from the home screen of the device in ‘Settings’ , both methods are equally effective, here you will see each one of they.

With quick setup

The procedure to increase the brightness of the Kindle Fire screen is easy and fast, you can access the quick settings as follows:

  1. Once you enter your Kindle Fire, enter the gear symbol called ‘Quick Settings’ on the upper right side of the device screen.
  2. In the new menu that will be displayed on the screen, click on the option that indicates ‘Brightness’.
  3. This option should appear to the naked eye, however, you can click on the ‘More’ optionand more options will be displayed to customize, including the ‘Brightness’ of the screen.
  4. Finally, in the new tab you can adjust the brightness intensity of the tabletby sliding the bar to the left and right.

In the settings app

As recently mentioned, the Kindle Fire tablet has a Settings application where you can change the brightness of the screen to your preference , with these simple steps you can do it correctly:

  1. Access the Kindle Fire and from its main screen enter the program called ‘Settings’ where it will be symbolized by the figure of a gear.
  2. This action will direct you to a new tab where a menu with different alternatives will be displayed, you must click on the section that says ‘Screen’.
  3. In the new menu it will allow you to adjust the brightness and intensity of it by sliding to the sides as you prefer, being the right side where the intensity of the brightness will increase.

What other modifications should you make to the screen of your Kindle Fire?

The intensity of the brightness of the screen is not the only modifiable aspect in a Kindle Fire tablet, the device allows you to configure options such as the wallpaper , activate the automatic brightness, font or letter size, blur the shadows, among others. You will see each of these functions later.

the wallpaper

Like the previous steps, it is necessary that to change the wallpaper of the Kindle Fire you access the tablet’s configuration, these are the instructions to do it correctly:

  1. On the home screen of the Kindle Fire device , click on the ‘Settings’ applicationand then in the new menu click on ‘Display’.
  2. When loading the ‘Screen’ section, different options will be displayed to configure such as font size, Blue Shade, brightness level, among others.
  3. Select the option that indicates ‘Wallpaper’, by doing this you will be able to choose a wallpaper that you have stored on the Kindle Fire tablet.
  4. To finish, click on the ‘Set’ option, in case you regret the procedure you can click on the ‘Cancel’ button

auto brightness

By enabling the ‘Auto Brightness’ function or also called ‘Adaptive Brightness’ in Kindle Fire you can optimize the brightness level of the device screen in relation to the flash of ambient light , to activate this mode it is necessary to enter the gear icon ‘Settings’ from the device and then go to the ‘Display’ section.

You will see a list with different settings, in the ‘Automatic brightness’ section you must activate the option by sliding your finger to the opposite side, in this way you will already have automatic brightness enabled on your Kindle Fire.

blur the shadows

Before, the Blue Shade function that the Kindle Fire device incorporates was mentioned, this function serves to blur the shadows and make it easier for people’s eyes to better adapt to the light of the screen in dark areas, providing a more comfortable and healthy experience On the face of it, it’s similar to the mobile device’s ‘dark mode’ .

To activate the Blue Shade you must go to ‘Settings’ and then to the ‘Screen’ option in the new panel click on ‘Blue Shade’ and thus activate the mode to blur the shadows on Kindle Fire.


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