How to change the photo of your Instagram account on a computer?

We are at a crossroads, since from the beginning of its creation Instagram does not allow uploading photos from the computer , although if it allows us to change the username of our account , this has caused many users to complain about not being able to make changes to their accounts because there was no possible way to do it.

Uploading a photo or changing settings could only be done from your mobile and no more. But now there is a simple method to modify your profile without having to use your mobile , specifically to upload or change a photo.

In this article we will explain how to do it and you will see that this limitation is a thing of the past and that we can configure the profile to our liking, let’s get started.

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  1. What is the way to put a previously published profile photo?
  2. How do you change your profile picture on Instagram from a PC?
  3. How to find a photo for your Instagram profile on your PC?
    1. On your other social networks (Facebook, Messenger or Twitter)
    2. From your file explorer
  4. What to do to edit a profile picture for Instagram on PC?

What is the way to put a previously published profile photo?

To change the profile photo from the computer you must go to the profile image within our Instagram account , click and then a window will open with three options. Delete current photo, upload profile photo and cancel changes.

As you can see, to change a profile photo that is already uploaded in our gallery on Instagram can be done, but from the application on the mobile.

How do you change your profile picture on Instagram from a PC?

We know that Instagram allows us to make changes to our account such as changing our date of birth from a PC . On the other hand, we already know that it is possible to change the profile photo of your account using the PC or computer, in the upper right it is in a circle with the current profile photo, when located here a small message should appear that says ‘Change profile photo’ .

Now we click on the photo and a window will appear that will give us the option to Load profile photo . A pop-up window will open in which you can choose the photo and then click on open and it will upload and change the photo.

Note: remember that the photo must be in .jpg format so that it can be uploaded and also that it must not be too big or too small to make it look good.

How to find a photo for your Instagram profile on your PC?

To find a photo for the Instagram profile while online from the computer or PC you must open the option ‘upload profile photo’, here it will open a pop-up window called My documents, there is a shortcut to get the compatible photos and from there choose the one we want.

At the bottom in the first box to write we copy * .jpg and enter, what will happen is that all the .jpg images that are saved on the computer will appear in the pop-up window, and all that remains is to choose the one you want and click on ‘Open’, and this will be loaded instead of the other photo and the change is made.

On your other social networks (Facebook, Messenger or Twitter)

To be able to publish photos on your profile that have already been previously uploaded to Facebook, Messenger or other social networks, you must follow these steps.

Within the profile we go to the upper right and enter the general menu here we look for the Configuration option, then we choose the option linked accounts , so we will see a wide list of networks to which we can link, after choosing the networks it will not ask username and password to confirm after this will be linked.

In the case of Facebook, Messenger and Twitter, it allows us to export the images to place them on the profile of the other network, in this case Instagram.

From your file explorer

Now from the computer’s file explorer we go to Start> My PC> My documents> My images and then we choose the image to upload taking into account all the characteristics that it must meet for it to be uploaded correctly, now we click on open and it is It will be the action for the photograph to be uploaded to the profile.

What to do to edit a profile picture for Instagram on PC?

In the upper right part of our account there is a silhouette of a person, we click here and go to my profile. Then we click on the image that is assigned and a window will open in this part we look for the load option .

To edit it, it can be done from the Instagram application that has many interesting options for editing images and videos.

For this we look for the photo to edit and then we go to the edit option that is located at the bottom of the filters, here we can place ourselves in artist mode and do what the artistic moment inspires us.

Now that you know how to change your profile photo of your account, also consider that from a computer you can also make other changes to your account such as making your Instagram profile private.


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