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According to scientists, planet Earth was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago after a major explosion. There was a lot of water, gas and lightning in the atmosphere. When these three elements came together, they gave rise to several substances that began to make Earth an environment conducive to life.

The first living beings that existed on the face of the Earth date from 3.8 billion years, and scientists call them stromatolites. These first living beings were quite simple. As the years passed, they evolved and, from them, other forms of life emerged. Millions of years later, invertebrate organisms appeared. According to researchers, sponges were the first invertebrate animals to appear on Earth, 650 million years ago; and 520 million years ago the first vertebrates appeared.

Sponges and fish, primitive beings

You may be wondering, but how do scientists know this information? For the simple fact that all these organisms have left fossils . But what are fossils? Fossils are evidence that a plant or animal organism lived on Earth, such as pieces of bones, footprints, body impressions, etc.

These researchers have techniques that date any and all fossils found, so they know approximately how many years ago that organism lived on Earth.

Dinosaur Fossils

It is not clear how the human species on Earth came about. There are several theories about its appearance and evolution. Scientists believe that the human species emerged between 125 and 250 thousand years ago and was gradually evolving.


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