Differences between scientific psychology and common sense

Psychology vs. Common Sense: Differences

Psychology refers to the scientific study of the mental processes and behavior of human beings. On the other hand, common sense refers to common sense in clinical practice. As you can see the fundamental difference between psychology and common sense  stems from your source of knowledge . Psychology is based on science, theoretical understanding and research , but common sense is based on experience and reasoning . This is the main difference between the two words. Through this article, we will try to gain a clearer understanding of both.

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What is Psychology?

Psychology refers to the scientific study of the mental processes and behavior of human beings. Psychology is a broad field of study that consists of several sub-fields, such as social psychology, abnormal psychology, child psychology, developmental psychology, etc. In each of these branches, attention is paid to the individual’s mental processes or mental health.

Psychology is a discipline that has many theoretical perspectives, such as functionalist psychology, cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, humanistic psychology, etc. Each perspective allows us to look at the human being in different ways. For example, while behaviorists emphasize the importance of human behavior in psychology, cognitive theorists focus on cognitive processes.

As you can see, psychology is a scientific field that is based on theory and experiments, but when you look at common sense, you will notice that there is a big difference between the two.

What is common sense?

Common sense refers to common sense in practice and theory about things. This is something that is essential for people when they engage in daily activities. Common sense allows people to be practical and reasonable. They can reach conclusions or make decisions based on their experience.

The layman is generally devoid of scientific knowledge; hence this role of knowledge is fulfilled by the common sense that orders the person to reach certain judgments. You may have heard people blaming others for not having common sense or common sense, in such situations, the individual is referring to a lack of practical knowledge.

What is the difference between psychology and common sense?

Psychology and common sense definitions:

Psychology: Psychology refers to the scientific study of the mental processes and behavior of human beings.

Common sense : Common sense refers to common sense in practice.

Psychology and common sense characteristics:


Psychology: Psychology is a field of scientific study.

Common sense : Common sense is not scientific, but it is based on reason.

Study branch:

Psychology: Psychology is a discipline.

Common sense : Common sense is not a discipline.


Psychology: In Psychology we come to conclusions through research or experience.

Common sense: When it comes to common sense, we use previous experiences.


Psychology: Psychology has a clear theoretical basis.

Common sense : Common sense has no theoretical basis.

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