Differences between Psychology and Psychiatry

Psychology vs Psychiatry

The main difference between psychology and psychiatry stems from the fact that, while psychiatry pays specific attention to mental disorders, psychology takes a much broader perspective in studying human thought processes and actions in all walks of life.

Psychology is a discipline that studies the mental processes and behavior of human beings in a scientific way, psychiatry refers to the study of mental disorders. It covers diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management. In this sense, psychology and psychiatry can be confused. This article attempts to provide a general idea of ​​the two terms, while bringing out the main differences between psychology and psychiatry .

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What is Psychology?

Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. Psychology addresses a huge area, which includes all aspects of human life from birth to death. It studies the development of individuals in terms of social, cognitive, physical and psychological behavior, the development of personality, the impact of society on the individual, the lifelong learning curve, and so on.

Abnormal psychology is also one of the subdisciplines of psychology. In abnormal psychology, we study the different mental disorders, the diagnosis, the treatments that are related, etc. However, this can also be considered asthe main difference between psychology and psychiatry, because unlike psychology where mental disorders are only one branch of the study, in psychiatry, they are the totality of the study.

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What is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry refers to the study of mental disorders in terms of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management. It is often recognized that psychiatry provides a middle ground between neurology and psychology, since it not only has its roots in both, but also functions as a coalition of both.

Psychiatrists are specialized people (doctors) in this field who have a license to treat patients. Unlike psychologists , these individuals have the right to prescribe medication, as well as to undergo therapeutic treatment.

The similarity between the two disciplines is the understanding that both experts have of the human mind and behavior. However, the specialty of a psychiatrist is that his experience lies in the analysis and treatment of patients with mental disorders and is mainly limited to them. Psychiatry is a field that has expanded its old frontiers dramatically with modern and innovative styles of treatment and medication that has allowed it to be a science that treats patients who suffer from a variety of mental disorders that are cognitive, behavioral, perceptual and affective. in its nature.

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What is the difference between Psychology and Psychiatry?

  • Psychology is the study of mental processes and behavior whereas psychiatry refers to the study of mental disorders.
  • The main difference between Psychology and Psychiatryis that, while psychology takes a broader approach to studying human life, psychiatry takes special knowledge of mental disorders, their diagnosis and treatment.
  • In addition, psychiatry is a more specialized field, which is closely linked to medical disciplines, unlike psychology.
  • Another clear difference is that psychologists cannot prescribe medication(with the exception of some states and countries), psychiatrists do.
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