Commitment alliance: what is the real meaning?

In the past, wedding rings were used when getting engaged or getting married, however, for some time now the children have been using and abusing this adornment so significant in all stages of life.

The hand to be placed on the wedding ring has always been differentiated: right, engagement, left, wedding and the symbol of the wedding ring remains the same and will never change. The word itself says it all: an alliance, a bond that you establish with someone, a union with another person.

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Regarding the use of wedding rings in adolescence

This means that the boy or girl is not available, he has someone special in his life. And the majority seems to take this “commitment” very seriously, perhaps more seriously than certain couples who have already exchanged alliances in a marriage, with promises of fidelity and everything.

The kids really enjoy the thing of connecting with someone and showing everyone that they are no longer available – one or the other, completes the pair of the wedding ring that they carry on their finger.

Romanticism seems to be back and many do not forget important dates such as:

– The first time they were together

– When they changed commitment rings

– How long have they been together and celebrate the dates of months of union

This is quite significant because, as the relationship is taken seriously, the alliance represents a complicity between the two, a mark of respect.

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But for everything there is the right time

Even putting the “like” on the finger. It means that they have already gone through the necessary stages of the relationship: flirting, staying, dating, and finally, to consummate it all, the commitment of dating assumed.

Do you realize how many rules young people are establishing in a world as troubled as the one we are living in today? They are able to define parameters of what they want and with whom they want and thus taking positions that were previously unnoticed.

A sign that all is not lost when it comes to relationships. Fortunately we can still see a very large number of young people with their heads bowed, who seem to know what they want out of life and a relationship as a couple.

Perhaps the youth of today may recover values ​​that have been lost for certain decades and thereby rescue all dignity contained in one word: fidelity.

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