Differences Between Generic, Similar and Branded Medicines

Differences Between Generic, Similar and Branded Medicines

Any medicine should only be used under medical guidance because it has indications, contraindications and adverse effects that must be evaluated by the physician. Care should be doubled for children because they are more sensitive and react to drugs differently.

Know the differences between branded, generic and similar medicines.

Branded Drug

Branded drugs are the first to appear in pharmacies after several tests and have been approved by Anvisa, the agency that regulates the use of medicines in Brazil. These drugs are usually more expensive than generic and similar drugs on the market, but they are all equally effective.

Generic drug

The generic drug is one that is sold by the name of the active ingredient used in the formula. Some laboratory brands that market generic drugs are EMS, Medley, Eurofarma, Neo Chemistry, Teuto, Merck and Novartis.

Before being marketed generic and similar drugs undergo rigorous quality testing and are therefore reliable. They are easily recognized for their packaging, are cheaper, are equally reliable to branded and can be found in all pharmacies and drugstores.

Similar Medication

Similar market remedies have the same active ingredient and the same presentation, which may be in syrup, tablet or suppository. The main differences between Similar and branded medicine are shelf life and packaging, for example.

How to save on drug purchases

One strategy for spending less at a pharmacy or drugstore is to ask the doctor to prescribe the active ingredient in the drug, which makes it possible to buy generic or similar drugs.

To buy a generic or similar drug without a prescription, if you do not know the active ingredient of the drug, simply ask at the pharmacy counter for generic or similar Cataflan or Feldene, for example. By mentioning the name of the branded drug, the pharmacist soon knows what is its generic and similar, and can indicate the most appropriate.

Buying medicine at the popular drugstore is also a great option. Another option that may be helpful is to resort to home remedies that are made from herbal teas. See some examples in the category: Home Remedies . But while useful in combating disease, home remedies and herbal remedies should also be used with medical knowledge.

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