Dualgan Medicine

Dualgan is a medicine that has the active substance in Etodolac.This oral medicine is indicated for the treatment of bone and muscle diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. People with heart problems should seek medical advice before taking this medicine as medicines like Dualgan increase their risk of heart attack.

Dualgan Indications

Arthrosis; degenerative joint disease; rheumatoid arthritis; ankylosing spondylitis; extra-articular rheumatisms; postoperative pain; acute post-traumatic pain.

Dualgan Price

The price of the drug was not found.

Dualgan Side Effects

Peptic ulcers; perforation or gastrointestinal bleeding; nausea; dyspepsias; vomiting; gases;abdominal pain; diarrhea; constipation; stomatitis; colitis; Crohn’s disease; gastritis; asthma;rhinitis; glottis edema; anaphylactic shock; erythema; itching; urticaria; nephritis; blurred vision; dizziness; dizziness; somnolence; anxiety.

Dualgan Contraindications

Pregnant or lactating women; gastrointestinal bleeding; history of peptic ulcer; severe heart failure; patients who have suffered from asthma, rhinitis or urticaria during treatment with acetylsalicylic acid; Hipersensibility to any of the formula’s components.

Dualgan mode of use

Oral use


  • The usual dose is 300 mg per day, some patients may respond to 300 to 600 mg single dose at night.
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