Differences between editing and sound mixing

In the world of cinema, what is the difference between editing or editing and sound mixing? The truth is that both processes are dependent on each other but there are certain differences that separate them and that is interesting to know.

In the mixing process it is decided which is the specific combination of the sounds and the music of a film. This combination involves knowing when each sound should go, in what way and in what situation or moment of the tape make it disappear. We must not forget that the management of silences, of the absence of sounds, is also key in the post-production process of a cinematographic work. In other words, sound montage refers to creating sound.

For its part, sound mixing deals with how these different elements of sound are incorporated into a film. In the sound mixing phase, dialogues, added sounds and music are mixed. All this is located in the space so that together it sounds properly. That’s what the mixer and mixing assistant do.

The team The sound editing team is made up of sound effects, dialogue, foley and dubbing technicians. The sound manager is the one who coordinates the team. For his part, the sound design manager is responsible for creating the film’s sound universe. Sound in the cinema is key for the viewer to empathize with what he is seeing on the screen. If the sound fails, the short film or feature film is lame. Thanks to sound, those who stand in front of a screen more easily understand what is being told.


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