Cleaning and maintenance of amplifiers

Anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the world of sound  must have clear guidelines to undertake the correct maintenance of the equipment and extend its useful life to the maximum. We want to review them on the following lines.

Like all electronic equipment, amplifiers and audio equipment suffer from a large number of external agents. So, as much as possible, we must protect them. Without forgetting that paying little attention to cleaning the equipment can lead to major breakdowns. For example, by exposing them to environments with high humidity or poor ventilation. For example, a high amount of dust in the amplifier added to the humidity can create low resistance between tracks. In addition, in equipment such as amplifiers where working with high voltages can cause serious problems.

Maintenance of the amplifier

The first thing is to pay attention to where it is stored. This has to be clean. Although it seems obvious, it is sometimes overlooked. It is convenient that the equipment is covered with some fabric when we do not use it or we can even get a rigid protector . If necessary, the equipment can be opened, taking special care that all electrolytic capacitors are discharged. The interior can be cleaned with compressed air, always aiming from a reasonable distance.

We will clean the contacts, jacks and other parts with specific products , in the same way as the potentiometers. If a deeper cleaning is required, we will take the equipment to a specialist to clean all the electromechanical contacts thoroughly, check the condition of the electrolytic capacitors, the levels of filtering of the power supply and the polarization of the active components. In the case of tube amps, there will also be an external review of all tubes, gain levels and polarization. Remember that regular maintenance of your amplifiers can prevent future breakdowns.


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