Difference between Fiction and Fictional Diction

Talking about fictional and fictional diction, the most basic thing we need to know is the understanding. Dictionary or choice of words is a study of pure linguistics that is focused on linguistics. Furthermore, the words fiction and fiction must be understood not only at the level of their meaning, but must be even more detailed, related to their understanding and context.

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Some time ago it was warm about the use of the words fiction and fiction. Talking about the two diction means talking about the phenomenon of language, it can be seen from the point of view of linguistics that is linguistics. The proper branch of linguistics is pure linguistics that is morphology, if it only talks about the origin of the word, but if talking about the context it will be even broader, it can be from a semantic perspective or it can also be discourse analysis.

What is the Meaning of the Word

The meaning of the word only means the meaning or essence of an expression. The meaning of the word can be found easily in a monolingual dictionary. Talking about a dictionary means talking about translation, because a dictionary is a data bank that contains text called translated entries. so a text can be re-translated in the same language. According to Jacobson who explained the types of translation , this was called intralingual translation, which was to re-communicate a meaning with different texts in the same language.


The meaning of the word fiction

Furthermore, to find out the meaning of the word, then we can use a dictionary that is the Monolingual dictionary. In this case KBBI because it is an Indonesian-language diction. KBBI (2008: 391) explains fiction as follows


Fiction: fik.si

  1. n Customstories (romances, novels, etc.)


  1. nfiction; delusion; not based on reality


  1. nstatements that are based on imagination or thought.


Of the three screaming above, the word fiction is a noun (n) which is something that is either in the form of a form or a clash of statements created by someone based solely on a thought or delusion. In the realm of literature, it means that fiction is a work created not based on a true story. This we also know as works of fiction literature. Then physics also means that something intangible can be in the form of an utterance, writing, speech, etc. that has an oral or written form that is created only based on fiction.


The meaning of the word fictitious

KBBI explained on the same page, fictitious means the adjective is fictional; only in delusion. KBBI also gave an example, for example in the story of the “Kali Ciliwung Bride”, this is a mere story. This means that there is a story about the bride and groom in Ciliwung River whose story is not based on a true story but is a fiction.


At this stage we only discuss diction from the point of view of the meaning of the word. That is the lexical meaning that goes to the dictionary. This meaning becomes a reference in the use of Indonesian words. Furthermore, is the meaning of the word alone enough? in the purely linguistic viewpoint of morphology, the above understanding is considered sufficient. However, if viewed from the point of view of discourse analysis , of course it could be different. If you want to know clearly from the motives of a statement, it requires critical discourse analysis (AWK).


When discussing the understanding, especially the understanding of a particular science term, we cannot use the understanding of a word that comes from a dictionary as a definitive basis or basis in the study of literature. What we need is a supervisor from the experts who explain in theory written in a book or journal. For example, what is the definition of linguistics? we can’t write this scribe if it’s only based on the meaning of the word dictionary, but there must be a theoretical explanation from the expert.


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