Data recovery, here is the free software

It sounds incredible and yet it is: accidentally losing your digital files is no longer synonymous with endless despair. Technology, also in this field, has evolved and made great strides with the aim of minimizing inconvenience for the user, at the same time intercepting a real and immediate need for practicality.

The data recovery software is the perfect ally in this battle, since with a few simple steps can bring back the smile on the face of those who thought he had irretrievably lost everything: pictures, video and e-mail but also study notes and important business documents.

The computer is an indispensable travel companion , at any time and for any activity: its maintenance is the ABC. How to understand that the hard disk (the mass memory that stores and stores data and applications) has been damaged?

There are some alarm bells that it is good to know how to recognize, for example certain programs that too often and suddenly stop working or files that are saved on the desktop and simply disappear, unsolicited system restarts and strange noises coming from the computer.

Although it should be remembered that these events do not always indicate the breakdown of the hard disk: they could be caused by a virus or by damaged components but not only.

With the software created by EaseUs , a company that since 2004 has also specialized in data transfer and backup, it is possible to identify three simple phases in which the recovery activity is structured. The first concerns the search for the path within which the lost files were located, and then start the scan (you can also choose any partitions).

It will also be possible, in the second phase, to temporarily suspend the scanning session in progress and then resume it later. Furthermore, it is possible to export or import the analysis results.


The third and last phase is also the most awaited one, that is when you analyze the results and select those to be recovered (you can see a preview before starting the final recovery). It is also possible to recover data from empty recycle bin, filtering the analysis results by type and recovering files selectively even once the recycle bin has been emptied.


The versions and services offered to users

With the ‘Free’ version of the ‘Data recovery wizard’ software for Windows after a quick download it will be possible to recover up to two gigabytes of data, restore data that has been deleted or incorrectly formatted and made inaccessible anyway.

You can then recover data from deleted, hidden or lost partitions. In case the needs are more specific – always remembering that there are ad hoc versions also for Mac, iOS and Android – you can use the ‘Pro’ version that the EaseUS platform also recommends: in this case the cost is 66.69 euros and availability for data recovery is unlimited, plus there is a free lifetime update.

As for the Pro + Winpe version, in addition to these services, the possibility of recovering data is also offered when the system does not start (at a cost of 95.14 euros). Finally there is also the Technician version (whose price is 279 euros) which offers the technical license for multiple computers.


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