6 Apps that help you find and pay for parking

One of the nightmares that haunts every motorist is the search for a parking space . You often go endlessly around the blocks to find a suitable place.

To overcome this problem, technology has come to the rescue and in particular the parking apps, which can be consulted very easily from your smartphone . automobile.it , a site for ads for used, new, Km 0 and rental cars owned by the eBay group, presents a selection of these Apps to simplify your life, both when searching for parking and when paying.

Parking app

The parking apps are available for both devices equipped with the Andro operating system and iOs. Among the best is  Parkopedia , an App through which you can find parking by entering an address or indicating your position, get directions and information on parking and select the preferred parking space based on various criteria.

Another car parking App to seriously consider is  Park TAG . This allows you to select the parking space in the area you want, get driving directions, share the parking situation with other users in real time, so as to provide constant updates.

Among the apps to find parking available in free download, Social Parking is also mentioned  Here motorists indicate the available parking spaces, both free and paid in the various Italian cities and also available to users: maps, costs of paid parking, timetables and so on.

Parking payment app


Most of the cities are now invaded by the blue stripes and it has therefore become a challenge to be able to park without paying the parking.

Once you have found a parking space for your car, you often need to locate the ticket dispensing column, or in some cases the scratch and stop distributor. Not infrequently, then, we find ourselves without coins and we have to go in search of someone to help us with the change. To eliminate these further waste of time, you can download numerous apps to pay for parking on your smartphone.

Among the best is  Easy Park . Through this free downloadable App available in 9 European countries and in numerous Italian cities, you just need to register an account to which you can connect the license plate number of your car and select a payment method of your choice between Visa, Mastercard and Paypal and the game is done, with a few clicks you can pay for everything without further hassle.

Easy Park is available for both individuals and companies and has different commission costs.

For individuals, you can download the EasyPark Small or EasyPark Large parking app. The second is the preferable choice because it allows you to use the service unlimitedly by paying a fixed fee.

Another App to pay for parking is  My Cicero  through which you can activate or deactivate parking even with a free call, a text message or via the voice responder and, finally, purchase season tickets and ZTL permits.

Last Recommended Parking App is  Pyng . This is associated with the Telepass device and the license plate number of your car. The amount of the parking is charged directly to the Telepass account and there is no need to register the credit card once the download has been made.


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