Byte, is the anti-TikTok app coming? First impressions

The popularity of TikTok is also constantly growing in Italy, where it is considered the ideal app to be combined with Instagram for good visual communication by new generation content creators. Hundreds of new profiles have also appeared in our country in recent months, testifying to a very interactive community that wants to grow more and more.

The success of the app partly follows that of Vine, the platform launched by Twitter to allow all subscribers to publish short videos. Unfortunately, despite the protests of the fans, the service was closed in 2017, leaving a void that was soon filled by TikTok.

Byte, the app

And since competitors are never lacking, it will be TikTok that will have to watch its back, this time, from a brand new app for video content creators, namely Byte. This is a project born from the mind of the co-founder of Vine, now available on Android and iOS in beta but already complete with what it takes to create very short clips (maximum 6 seconds), and share them with everyone in the world.

Byte is an app that makes a very minimal and “clean” graphic layout its strong point, presenting just the essentials to immediately record and publish our video clips. At the moment access to the platform is allowed thanks to our Google Account (or alternatively Apple ID), and among its promises there is also a special partnership that will reward creators by monetizing their content.

It remains to be discovered if Byte will have the hoped-for success, perhaps being the extreme brevity of the videos and the presence of the giant TikTok two significant enough obstacles to overcome to reach the peaks of popularity. However, never say never: with any luck, Vine’s “spiritual successor” could leave a mark among those who truly appreciate the content on this platform.


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