Dark and Light Guide: Taming Creatures

Instructions for taming creatures in Dark and Light

The taming of creatures is one of the main activities in Dark and Light , as without it you will not get far. You can tame both a simple lamb and a terrifying dragon. We will tell you how to do this in this guide.

What does it take to tame?

First of all, you need to pump the following skills:

  • Craft Ranged Weapons– Rank 2
  • The Taming– 1 rank

After that you need to create the following items:

Wooden bow

To create it, you need twine and wood . The first is obtained from trees with a pickaxe, the second – with an ax.

Stone-tipped arrow

We extract with our hands straw from the bushes (or dry the grass on a fire), a stone from blocks with the help of an ax, and a string with a pickaxe from the trees.

Stone arrow with hook

Created from arrows with a stone tip . Plus, you will need twine (we have already talked about it), coal , which we get by burning wood at the stake, and magic shards . The latter is obtained from trees and animals using a spell of attrition or collection from bushes.

Wooden feeder

It will need straw , wood and twine . You already know where to get it.

The domestication process

Before you start taming, you should know the following things:

  • Depending on the level of the creature, it will be more difficult for you to stun it, and it will also take more food and time to tame it.
  • The Feeder cannot be built near other player bases or in the city. Consider this when you drain the creature.

So, when you have found the creature you need, you start shooting it with a bow with stone arrows with a hook . The animal will consider this an attack and will act according to its own behavior algorithm – either run away or attack you. You will have to shoot arrows and anchor them to the ground for the attrition effect to take effect. Then we repeat everything. The main thing is for the creature to move, otherwise the process of exhaustion will stop. At the end of the time, the animal will fall to the ground, and you need to put a feeder next to it and put food there. Predators prefer meat , herbivores, respectively, grass .

When tamed, you will see the following three scales:

  • Taming:Shows the taming process.
  • Wildness:the lower this value, the lower the level bonus for tamed creatures.
  • Constitution:When this scale drops to zero, the creature will wake up and will have to be stunned again. You can increase the value of this scale by shooting an arrow with a hook at a creature.

When the taming is complete, the creature is yours and you only need to name it. Now bring your pet to a safe place. Upon arrival, click on M to stop the creature from following you. Whatever it was going for you, click Bed and .

Additional Information

  • To tame a creature faster, use a special food that opens at the third tamingrank .
  • For an easier stun, you can upgrade your ranged weapon to rank 4, and create a crossbowand metal arrows with a hook.

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