How to breed eggs and new creatures in Peridot

If you’ve gotten hooked on this game, you’ve probably wondered how to breed eggs and new creatures in Peridot .

Peridot is the new game from the creators of Pokémon Go , which, like its predecessor, stars magical creatures. But in this case, the objective is not to capture them from captivity, but to take care of them so that they grow happily and, at some point, reproduce among themselves .

In this game, the process of breeding two adult Peridots to create a new Dot, thus discovering new archetypes, is called Hatch-a-Dot . In order for you to hatch an egg so that a new creature hatches, your Dot needs to be an adult, and the process must take place in Campfire.

You should also take into account that the option to breed eggs and new creatures in Peridot is not available in Niantic Kids accounts , so if the little ones in the house are also hooked on this game, they will not be able to carry out this process.

Hatch-a-Dot: How to Create a New Peridot

Currently, to create a new Peridot you have three different options: do it in a habitat, through Visitor Dots or with your friends. Each one has its peculiarities.

Habitats are places near your area that are special areas in which to care for your Peridots In these places you can find eggs available waiting for you to hatch them. You will also find other Dots available to pair with yours, so that you breed a new creature.

You can also hatch a Dot with your friends by visiting their profile from your friends list and scrolling to their current Dot. You will have to ask the guardian for permission and, when he has accepted it, you will receive a link to your direct message tray that you will have to click on to go to incubate your point.

How to Hatch Peridot Eggs

In principle, to hatch Peridot’s eggs, it is only necessary that we carry out the incubation process that we have explained in the previous section, and, once done, we will see how the egg opens and the new creature appears.

But it is important that we take into account that to raise eggs and new creatures in Peridots it is necessary that we have a nest. The first one we have will be free, but the rest we will have to buy in the store, so it is possible that you will need money to be able to gestate your new creatures.

This is the main reason why this function is banned in children’s accounts , to prevent small children from spending their parents’ money to buy nests for their children, sometimes without even having their permission.

Precisely the fact that you are forced to buy nests to raise eggs and new creatures in Peridots is one of the main criticisms that have been made of this game.

How to get new variations of Peridot

The main reason we may have for being interested in incubating and hatching eggs is to get new variations of Peridot . And this is something quite simple. And it is that at the moment in which two adult creatures decide to join each other and procreate, a new animal will be born with characteristics that unite those of their parents, so that we can have different creatures.

Thus, breeding eggs and new creatures in Peridot is the way we have to have new variations and discover what it brings us. Then we can take care of them until they are adults, and later make them reproduce again once they are older, thus completing the cycle of life .


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