Cuphead: Bosses Walkthrough (Dramatic Fanatic)

A detailed guide to the bosses of the third game world Cuphead: how to kill a ballerina in the theater

Sally Stageplay is one of the final bosses of Cuphead’s third game world . You will find her in the farthest part of the island, inside the theater. When you are ready for a simple and fun battle, then “buy a ticket” and go to the VIP box!

Video walkthrough

Phase 1

When the fight begins, the curtain will rise and Sally will rip off her wedding dress. She has several attacks:

First stage

  • Sally will periodically throw fans on stage. Avoid touching or attacking them and there should be no problem.
  • Sally’s umbrella will sometimes eat her up and she will disappear. Run across the stage so that it does not fall on you. She’ll be back in a few seconds. As long as you move, you remain completely safe.
  • Sometimes Sally will try to kiss the protagonist, creating a pink heart that flies towards you. Dodge or parry him.
  • Sally will periodically jump into the air and slowly descend at an angle. Step to the side or use a dash.

As soon as you inflict enough damage on Sally, she will teleport and go after her husband.

Phase 2

Sally will continue to use her fans and umbrella attacks. In addition, she will drop bombs from the umbrella. They will move to the edges of the screen and then fall, so don’t let them touch you. Another new attack by Sally at this stage is the annoying kid who will throw bottles at you from the windows. Be careful and everything will be fine!

Second stage

Apart from these two attacks, the rest of the battle remains the same as before. Do the same as the first time and Sally will die.

Phase 3

This is perhaps the easiest stage of the fight. Sally will appear to your left – shoot at her while dodging attacks. Fortunately, the special sign on the left side will tell you exactly which attack Sally will perform at any given moment:

Third stage

  • Sally will throw a meteor. Avoid hitting and shoot him. Fend off the stars that are flying at you.
  • A big wave. Sally commands the parade on stage, which creates a big wave. Jump up and use the dash to fly past her.
  • Small cardboard lightning bolts will fall from the sky and chase you. They move randomly, so forget about Sally for a while and avoid being hit by lightning.

Phase 4

When the curtain reopens, the angel Sally will fly out, and you will have to defeat her one last time. Avoid the roses that the audience throws onto the stage and jump over Sally’s umbrella chasing you.

Stage four

Deal enough damage and finally see the final curtain of this painting.


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