Cuphead: boss walkthrough (Honeycomb Herald)

A detailed guide to the bosses of the third game world Cuphead: how to kill a huge bee

Rumor Honeybottoms will probably be the first boss you encounter on the third map of the game world. Living in a high-rise multi-storey building, Ryumor is a queen bee. Just like in the battle with Grim, the main character will move along the platforms (and not float in the air). When you are ready to shake the hive, then enter the skyscraper.

Video walkthrough

Since your opponents will be at different points, the Chaser weapon will work well in this case.

Phase 1

In the first stage of the battle, in fact, you hardly encounter the queen bee herself. She will set unmanned drones on you. The main enemy is a drone in the form of a cop. He will move along the bottom of the screen and shoot a small ball. This ball will eventually explode, and three blue stings will fly out of it, from which you must dodge. If the stings are pink, then they can be parried.

Drone in police uniform

The only threat at this stage is precisely the drones flying around the arena. Destroy them with weapons or dodge attacks.

Phase 2

When Ryumor herself appears in battle, she will have three attacks against you – one on each side of the arena:

  • Bullets in the center. Ryumor lowers his head to the bottom of the screen and starts spitting small bullet-shaped bees that will fly left and right and move in a zigzag line, accidentally changing direction. Bullets will move from left to right and right to left, periodically rising higher and higher, until they finally disappear from the arena. Duck under them or jump over them, continuing to shoot the uterus.
  • Parried balls. Ryumor will spawn balls that chase the “cup kid”. Dodge or parry them.
  • Death triangle (left or right). Ryumor will generate a dark triangle that shoots small triangles at different points. Run away from this triangle and smaller projectiles. However, if you have time, you can parry small projectiles.

Head attack

Phase 3

Ryumor will descend from above and begin to read the book. It’s time to attack your opponent with everything you have! The bee will then turn into an airplane and fly to the bottom of the screen. Her main and only attack at this stage is fist shooting from her cannons.

Flying fists

Jump on platforms higher and higher, remembering that when you come into contact with the boss, you will miss damage. Fists can appear even after they seem to leave the screen area. But attacking a bee is the hardest thing you can imagine. This is why Chaser comes in handy. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, the bee will be finished.

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