Cuphead: Boss Walkthrough

A detailed guide to the bosses of the third game world Cuphead: how to kill the Devil, the final boss

After you have dealt with the King of Bones and his minions, the last boss of the game awaits you in the next tower. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat the devil.

Video walkthrough

Phase 1

As you might expect, the battle with the Devil is very difficult, and the difficulties begin right from the first stage. Before we look at the Devil’s clever moves, it’s worth emphasizing that he has a variety of minions that will attack you throughout the battle.

Now about the attacks of the Devil himself:

Regular form

  • Goat shape. The devil turns into a goat and tries to crush you with his limbs. You have to jump up to avoid them. Stay in the air as long as possible to avoid touching his hooves.


  • Spider shape. This is probably the simplest form the Devil will use against you. It will transform its head into a giant spider and fall to the ground. Then it will go up and down. All you have to do is quickly dodge and run across the location.


  • Snake shape. This is the most difficult of his abilities in the first stage. The devil will cross his legs. His neck will slide up and down the screen. If you are to the left of the throne (only if the Devil is to the right – do the opposite if the boss is to the left), then he will be directly above you and will not be able to inflict damage. You need to avoid attacks in advance, otherwise you will never be able to get through this stage.


  • The devil will sometimes swing his trident, casting one of three spells – two fire and bouncing balls. First, dodge his trident, then try to parry the pink object, and then jump and dodge the rest of the projectiles.

Avoiding death is by far the most difficult task, so be extremely careful and shoot at your enemy whenever you can. As soon as you destroy him, he will throw off his skin and jump into a giant pit. Follow the GO sign there.

Phase 2

You will have five platforms that are located in front of the giant Devil’s face. A flaming object will periodically drop onto a random platform. Don’t fall under it! In addition, the Devil uses two attacks:

Second stage

  • First, when both pupils touch each other, an ax is thrown out. Jump to the right or left of your current location during an attack to avoid damage.
  • Another attack is a large pink bomb. It appears in one of the two pupils and then flies out of the Devil’s ear. Either parry or run to the other side of the arena before the bomb explodes.

Continue to attack the Devil in the pupils (and not just in the eyes) and the third stage of the fight will begin soon.

Phase 3

The far right and left platforms will disappear, so you must stay on the center three. Shoot at strange purple objects that try to attack you with skulls. When the Devil has shells flying from his forehead, kill them before they have time to get close to the main character.

Third stage

At this stage, you need to move even more than ever before. Shoot in the eyes when you have the opportunity, and very soon you will move on to the last stage of the battle.

Phase 4

When the Devil is practically dead, he will remove all but one of the platforms and start crying. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other, not very well. The good news is that you can fend off tears falling from your eyes. The bad news is that very often there will be burning items that force you to leave the platform.

Stage four

To avoid them, there are only two options:

  1. Jump off the platform, fend off a tear by jumping from it, and return.
  2. Wait for the perfect moment when the object is about to fall on the platform, then jump, make an arc in the air and land all on the same platform.

Stand on the very edge of the platform, from where it will be possible to destroy the Devil as soon as possible. Shoot diagonally at the opposite eye of the boss. As soon as you deal enough damage, then complete the final battle.


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