Cuphead: bosses walkthrough (Aviary Action)

A detailed guide to the bosses of the second game world Cuphead: how to kill a distraught bird in a birdhouse

This time you have to fight with a crazy bird living in its birdhouse in the second part of the Inquell Islands, behind an amusement park. When you find yourself here, then move to the very top to find the desired birdhouse. Interact with him to start another plane battle.

Phase 1 – Normal Form

Wally is a bird stuck in a clock instead of a cuckoo. The first stage of the fight with her is quite simple, if you know how to position yourself correctly. To do this, you need to consider all the main attacks of the boss:

  • Breaking egg. Like all birds, Wally can use eggs by releasing one at a time from his beak. They fly to the left of the screen, hit the edge and break into two halves. The first flies in a straight line in the opposite direction, and the second – diagonally downward. The easiest way to avoid being hit is to stay at the left edge of the screen, under or above the egg.
  • Minion birds. Wally will release small chicks with nails on their heads that will fly in your direction. They’re pretty easy to dodge, so either get out of their trajectory or shoot at them. The fourth bird will always be pink, which means you can counterattack it to get a boost of energy.
  • Rockets – From time to time, Wally transforms his head into a large glove with fingers spread out to form a pistol. Three projectiles will fly from the glove – one in a straight line and the other two diagonally higher and lower. Just move between them to avoid the attack.

First stage

As soon as you deal with Wally at this stage, the bird’s head will turn into a huge whistle – this is how the next stage begins.

Phase 2 – The Feathered Attack

At this stage, Wally will have only one attack (although chicks will appear periodically, but it is enough to simply destroy them). The bird will stop at the right edge of the screen, whistle and send a huge number of feathers in your direction. At times like this, don’t worry about attacking Wally.

Feather attack

Instead, focus your attention on the main character and dodge the feathers by moving up and down. After a few seconds, Wally will get tired and stop any attacks, and you can attack the bird. Keep fighting and Wally will die in the end.

Phase 3 – Wally Jr.

When Wally dies, the son of a bird will appear in the arena. Wally Jr is another crazy bird hovering in his nest from a flying saucer. He will always be surrounded by five spiked eggs moving in a circle, as well as moving away or closer to Wally Jr. When they move in a large circle, then fly closer to Wally, being inside this circle, but as soon as the eggs approach, then you will have to fly out of this circle and stay away from Wally.


Wally Jr. has another attack – he fires a pink projectile from his laser pistol. It’s best to parry this bullet for extra energy. As soon as you deal with the youngest, Wally senior will reappear in the sky.

Phase 4 – Bird on a Stretcher

When fighting Wally in the last stage, it is best to switch to another attack – throw the bomb in an arc. Keep in the upper left corner of the screen. Real madness will begin – you will be attacked with shoes, pills, a shooting heart – and both Wally himself and the two birds carrying him will release shells.

Wally on a stretcher

Let’s list all the attacks:

  • Paramedic birds will spit pills into the air. They fly in two and fly in different directions. Watch out for them or fend off those that are colored pink. Stay away from the birds’ beaks to minimize the chances of being hit.
  • Garbage from Wally’s mouth. Wally’s head from time to time will turn into a trash can, from which all rubbish will fly. Dodge him, or parry those objects that are colored pink. Trash can make the fight more chaotic, so just hope Wally doesn’t use it too often.
  • Heart attack. A heart will jump out of Wally and shoot at you. When this happens, then attack the heart itself, use the small plane to dodge between the projectiles.


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