I’m sure you’ve heard that kindness generates kindness . That gestures of love and affection can be returned in the same way or with more intensity by the people around us. You may be thinking: but nowadays situations like these are so scarce. Why should I dedicate myself to showing my feelings, since I may not get it back?

It is a truly valid question, because really, more and more frequently, people are having more difficulties to express themselves, especially with regard to their feelings and emotions. However, we need to develop an awareness that it is not because the other does not or does not demonstrate what he feels, that we have to be equal.

It was with this in mind, in my walks around Brazil and around the world, having contact with the most diverse types of people, that I decided today to talk about a gesture of affection, which has been more and more aside, which is the cuddle on the day to day. I invite you to join me in this reading, to find out why it is so important to offer a caress to the people around us.

What is cuddling?

Cuddling is the way of expressing warmth, cordiality, affection, protection and assistance to others. It is a behavior based on serenity, softness, understanding and more than that, it reinforces respect for the people around us.

It is natural that when we become adults, we will find it more difficult to express our feelings and emotions. Over time, the tendency is for this limitation to be progressive and the consequence is the damage to the quality of interpersonal relationships, if this habit is not exercised.

Do you know anyone who has difficulty hugging or just doesn’t like physical contact when interacting with someone? It is usually a type of block in being affable, which can originate in shyness or negative experiences, which ended up causing this behavior, justified by reasons that the individual must try to understand for his improvement.

But after all, why is this form of caring so important?

According to Maslow’s theory, human beings have basic needs, including establishing meaningful and constructive connections, after all, living in society is an inherent factor, therefore, we are dialoguing and communicating at all times.

The more developed an individual’s social life is, the less he is susceptible to disorders such as anxiety and depression, for example. In this sense, cuddling is one of the main gestures that help the fullness of their relationships.

Check below the reasons that make this form of caring so important, as well as its benefits for all of us:

Encourages mutual respect and non-judgment

From the moment we dedicate ourselves to being more affable people, whether with those we know, or with strangers, we end up stimulating, in the universe around us, respect and, consequently, non-judgment.

This is important, especially in the society we live in today, because human beings are increasingly focused on the differences they have with each other, instead of accepting each other and fighting side by side for a better world.

Naturalizes affection

As I said at the beginning of the text, over time, we have become people who have extreme difficulties in expressing themselves, especially with regard to emotions and feelings. In this sense, when we offer a caress to someone who is in need, we begin to naturalize the affection more and more, showing that there is no problem in demonstrating what we feel.

Helps develop empathy

Because it is something that makes us get closer to the people around us, accepting them as they are, with their characteristics, way of living, behaving in front of life, among several other points, the cuddle also helps us to develop empathy for everyone.

This means that when we make ourselves available to offer affection to someone in this way, we develop empathy, not only for this person, but for everyone who crosses our path.

And if there is one thing that the world has needed a lot recently, it is empathic beings, that is, they have the ability to put themselves in the other’s shoes, understand what is happening with them and, with that, offer the necessary support so that he constantly overcomes his challenges.

Encourages action by example

Another point that makes this gesture of affection something important is the fact that it simply encourages people to be more and more affable in their relationships. This happens, because when they see the benefits that strokes bring to the lives of everyone who allows themselves to live this experience, individuals feel encouraged to be equal, since they also want to have these benefits in their own lives.

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Characteristics of an affable person

Nothing better than examples to encourage us to understand the true meaning of cuddling and to apply this premise in our life in general. Read on and find out what the main characteristics of an affable person are:

Concerned for the well-being of all

When we talk about cuddles and people with ease to offer it, we are referring to someone whose characteristic is the constant concern for the well-being of those around them, regardless of whether they are known or not.

They are individuals who are always with a smile on their face and fully willing to help those in need, without waiting to receive anything back from their benefactors.

It’s optimistic

Moving forward, another characteristic of the affable person is his great capacity to be optimistic, even if the scenario in which he is inserted is as chaotic as possible. This does not mean that he is a person out of reality, but someone who prefers to take a look at growth and development on his negative experiences, as he knows the potential for evolution that all of them can bring you.

Everyone wants to be around

Be of Light, tell me: do you know someone charismatic, who always lives surrounded by the most diverse types of people, who is always with a smile on his face, ready to welcome anyone, with a hug, or a friendly word? If you answered yes to this question, surely you have in your life a person who represents very well what is cuddling.

These and many other points make everyone want to have this individual close by, as people feel right next to him, since his great ability to bind, overcomes any type of barrier, making everyone open up and feel at ease in your presence.

Hear in essence

One of the great reasons that everyone wants to be close to the affable person is because he insists on listening to who is in front of him in essence. This means that she pays real attention to what is said, being also attentive to gestures, movements and everything that is part of the non-verbal language used by her interlocutor to communicate.

With that, she ends up showing the people she talks to, that she cares about them, what they are saying, making it clear that she will always be on hand to help as she can, be it with a friendly word, with a tight hug, or lending her ears to welcome those in need.

The five languages ​​of love as forms of cuddling

It is scientifically proven that physical contact really impacts the improvement of relationships , as it energizes, creates vital impulses for favorable and affable actions. So, if you are one of those people who have difficulties in expressing your feelings, especially for those you have more affinity with, know that there are five different ways to do this, which you can use in your daily life.

I present you the Five Languages ​​of Love:


Physical touch is the first language I will approach and is one of the best known ways to show affection and feelings. Through a kiss, a coffee, walking hand in hand, among other gestures, you can connect with the people you like and those you want to get close to.

In addition, a hug is always a powerful way to share and convey the intensity of feelings that cannot be translated into words. So, take every opportunity to hug your loved one – father, mother, brother, family, spouse and friends. This is an act that magnifies the human being, that strengthens ties and reaffirms, in essence, the importance of their relationships. Allow yourself!

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If there is one thing that I always insist on, whether in my training, lectures, videos, articles, among other forms of contact with people, it is that words have more power than we imagine. Therefore, it is always good to reaffirm our feelings about those around us, with words of welcome and understanding, so that both they and ourselves feel better and better emotionally.

Phrases like: “I like you!”, “I understand what you are saying to me”, “I am listening to you carefully and I understand your feelings right now”, “You can do it!”, “I believe in you and yours potential ”, among other powerful statements, make you friendly to all those around you.


Have you ever heard that quality is better than quantity? In this case, this maxim applies very well to the relationships we develop throughout our lives. I say this, because daily we have to deal with our obligations and there is no time left for those we love.

Therefore, the best way to get around this situation is to spend quality time with those we love, that is, to dedicate ourselves integrally to the moments we spend together with them, making clear their importance in our life, regardless of the amount of hours next to each other.


There are people who are not so skilled with words or touch, so they end up showing their love by providing services, that is, helping with day-to-day chores, school tasks, activities work, home services, among other things, are some of the ways that these people use to demonstrate their good feelings.


Generally, when I am given a gift, the first thing that comes to my mind is: “Wow, that person really likes me!”. And it is the purest truth, because the same happens when I take the time to look for something to give to people with whom I have more affinity in my life.

Thus, the act of gifting is also considered one of the languages ​​of love, because through this gesture, it is clear how much we like, care and want to keep the people we love on our journey.

See, that with simple acts and gestures, we have the great opportunity to demonstrate our emotions and feelings and that this does not need to be a seven-headed bug in our life. So, once again I invite you to allow yourself, right now, whether through touch, words, time, service or a gift, to show your love for those who do you well in some way.
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