Many people, upon hearing about Artificial Intelligence (AI), soon associate the concept with robots and other machines replacing human beings. Guilty of literature and cinema, which presented society in a fantasy way. No, the Artificial Intelligence of today is not the same portrayed in the films, but it already exists and has a very important role in our routine.

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computational device, through a compilation of various sciences, such as computing and mathematics, to replicate some cognitive skills and thus process data, reason, optimize processes, correct errors, have more precision and solve problems. This whole context has been causing changes both in technology and in the way we relate to it.

Now that you understand the concept of Artificial Intelligence a little better, can you tell where it is present in your day-to-day?

If you thought only about that story on TV, the car you drive alone, know that you are wrong. Artificial intelligence is in the spell checker on your cell phone, which when realizing that you misspelled a certain word, corrects it, is on the GPS that you use to walk on an unknown road and is also present on the website that already predicts what you want to buy and offer product suggestions.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly present in current processes and because of that, it has raised several discussions about its use. Learn more below

Where Artificial Intelligence is present

In addition to the previous examples, Artificial Intelligence is also applied in the following situations:

  • Space research, since the machines are better adapted to adverse environments and less likely to fail in their activities;
  • Voice assistants on cell phones like Siri and Google Now, which present the user with the news he wants to read;
  • Facial recognition, when the person posts a photo on Facebook and automatically the faces of the individuals present in the image are identified;
  • Ore extraction, as the machines withstand certain conditions in the environment, unlike the human being;
  • Medical processes such as evaluations, surgery simulators and monitoring;
  • Exploration of the ocean, since human beings cannot explore the entire ocean without compromising their health;
  • Learning, through the use of applications, interactive screens and other devices.

Artificial Intelligence in companies

Intelligence is also present in the processes of organizations . When applied in this context, technology aims to streamline activities, minimize errors and ensure efficiency for companies . See some examples of the use of Artificial Intelligence in organizations:

  • Human resources: through a machine, an evaluation and selection of candidates with the most appropriate profile for the open position is carried out;
  • Customer service: the first contact with the customer is made through chatbots (message exchange software) to detect simple and recurring information, which will be dealt with later by the seller;
  • Financial operations: numerous data are analyzed simultaneously and help to detect fraud, theft and improper transactions;
  • Repetitive activities: repetitive processes that are likely to discourage employees, can be performed with the help of machines;
  • Monitoring: through the use of drones, companies carry out various monitoring processes, such as stock control, for example;
  • Management: software communicates and connects various information of the organization, which helps managers to make more assertive decisions and thus achieve the desired results.

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence

Now that you know some examples of application of Artificial Intelligence, both in our routine and in the processes of companies, know some benefits provided by technology:

  • Problems solution;
  • Repetition;
  • Innovation;
  • Long hours of work, without the need for breaks;
  • Precision and accuracy;
  • Easy locomotion to places limited to humans;
  • Fast communication;
  • Reduction of rework;
  • Modernization.

Disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence

Even so present today, the use of Artificial Intelligence also has negative points, know some of them:

  • As it is a relatively new technology, Artificial Intelligence still raises ethical, social and moral questions regarding its use;
  • The use of certain machines may pose a threat to the employment of thousands of people;
  • The continuous use of Artificial Intelligence generates social isolation and, consequently, physical and mental problems;
  • To operate and maintain the operation of some machines and systems, specialized people are required;
  • The production and maintenance of machines with Artificial Intelligence demand high financial cost;
  • Artificial Intelligence lacks cognitive skills to develop creativity, as the human brain is capable.

Debates involving Artificial Intelligence

The growing advance in the use of Artificial Intelligence in people’s routine has also triggered a series of debates. Even with so much progress and positive points, several scholars, researchers and scientists like Stephen Hawking, warn about the threat that Artificial Intelligence can become to human life.

No, they are not saying that machines and robots will colonize humans and dominate planet Earth. What the researchers say is that Artificial Intelligence has so far been used in an apparently harmless way, but everything indicates that it will not be so over the years.

Scientists say about the need to establish rules regarding the application of Artificial Intelligence in military matters, as there are already studies and experiments with weapons, airplanes and defense systems for the selection and elimination of enemies without direct driving of people.

They also warn that the mass use of technology can threaten thousands of jobs and eliminate human involvement in various functions, in addition to the imminent danger if Artificial Intelligence manages to overcome the financial market or manipulate world leaders .

Over the years, we have seen several technologies transform the history of mankind, such as the creation of the television set and the rise of the internet. The same has been happening with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in our routine.

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However, be careful! Technology must be used to promote advances and development for human beings, so that things do not get out of control, it is essential that researchers and scientists educate society about the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence.

In doing so, it is possible to deal assertively with any errors and cyber attacks and maintain the quality of technology, as well as not putting human life at risk and taking advantage of all the positive points that Artificial Intelligence provides us.

Did you have any idea how much Artificial Intelligence is present in our daily lives? At what times do you use it in your routine? Comment and share the content on social networks.

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