Credentials for events: how to use them strategically

Business fairs, lectures or workshops are ideal environments to encourage networking between participants. Since, this is the moment where we are open to learn about new products, services or close business partnerships.

At first, when we start a chat, be it with a customer or supplier, first we introduce ourselves. In this first contact, identifying who is the professional you will talk to is the first thing to do.

And that’s where the credentials for events come in. Almost always mandatory use at fairs and events, they facilitate the quick identification of the participant, as well as the position and the company where he works.

Do you want to know more about how to offer and sell credentials for events? Keep up with us!

Credential characteristics

Credentials can be made on a variety of substrates and coatings. Everything will depend on the use. For example, if the intention is to insert the credential in a plastic case, the substrate can be simpler. For example, coated paper 230 or 250g is ideal for this need. If this is the case, there is also no need for coating, as it will not be seen.

However, if the idea is to use the credential without the plastic protection, printing on substrates of heavier weight is recommended. In this way, you guarantee the credentials durability throughout the event. In this sense, substrates with higher weights are indicated , such as coated paper 300, 350g or pvc. To increase the protection of the material, the application of matte BOPP lamination or some type of varnish, such as UV, is indicated.

The format of credentials can vary widely. If the intention is to place them inside the plastic cover, the standard format is 8 × 12 cm. However, if it is only printing with coating and cord the format is free. Here at KWG the formats we use are 7.5 × 10 cm and 10 × 14.5 cm.

How event credentials help your company’s marketing team

Generating business is the keyword when it comes to fairs and events. Whether during or after the event, the generation of new business opportunities is the main objective of exhibitors and organizers of a fair.

And to ensure that the event meets this expectation, one of the ways to generate this exchange of experiences and business opportunity is in the sharing of data from the participants.

The first step in confirming registration for a given fair or event is to fill out an extensive registration form. As tiring as it may seem, providing all that information is all that a company’s marketing and commercial team wants to access.

This is because all the information provided by the participants is subsequently made available to exhibitors who pay a fee to obtain it.

And how is this information passed on?

If you have already participated in a business fair, you have probably already been approached by exhibitors with the classic phrase: “Can I collect your visit?”.

This is nothing more than a way to collect all the information you entered in the registration form during registration or at the event.

In addition to the name and title, which appear on your credential, information such as e-mail, telephone, address, are acquired through the barcode printed on your credential.

With this data in hand, companies have a rich list of leads and prospects to work with over the next few months.

Although it may seem simple, the use of credentials for events contributes significantly to business marketing. Because, as we have seen, it can be the entry tool between visitors to a fair and your company.

A good tip for selling this product is to always be attentive at fairs and events that are to come. In this way, you can offer this material directly to the fair organizers.

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