Graphic materials for online store: see which cannot be missing

Can you offer graphic materials for online store? Yes for sure! Follow our post and find out how!

With a population that is increasingly connected, it is common for companies to be very concerned about promoting their products and services online. However, it doesn’t matter if your business is physical or virtual, failing to pay attention to graphic material is a big mistake.

Do you know why? The answer is quite simple. As much as your company is an e-commerce, having physical material to send to customers and deliver in meetings creates a closer relationship with your business idea and gives you a feeling of having something tangible to appreciate. In addition, it is a great way to present information about your products and be remembered by people.

Therefore, we have gathered here some graphic materials for online store that are essential if you want to improve your advertising and give a more professional look to your enterprise. Read the post and understand!

Invest in a good business card

As the name implies, the business card is an invitation for the client or investor to visit your website and learn about your brand. For this reason, it needs to be inviting, that is, show an interesting design and good graphic quality.

He will be responsible for the first impression about you and your online store. Thus, it is essential that it contains the address, an appropriate visual expression and the basic data of your e-commerce. It is important that the business card is interesting to the eye, of good quality and contains only the essentials.

A well-made business card conveys the idea of ​​professionalism to your business, increasing the credibility of your business almost instantly. In addition, the prospect will always see you in the wallet. This means that when he needs the services, he will remember you.

Bet on flyers, folders and information leaflets

The more professional and close your customer is to your online store, the more it will attract new consumers. It is very pleasant to open a box, for example, which seems to have been packed with all the care and consideration.

Flyers, folders and information leaflets are great ways to inform the customer everything they need to know about the product they purchased, as well as information on exchanges and returns. You can send folders inviting the buyer to see other items in the collection; flyers as thanks for the purchase; and brochures with the necessary information about the product.

Be creative. Remember that, like the business card, the flyer must be beautiful and designed in such a way that the customer feels sorry for throwing it away. Whim is fundamental. Don’t neglect him!

Create graphic materials for online store (such as tags, labels and stickers)

It is very cool that your products reach your customers accompanied by the identity of your store . The more present your logo is, the more the consumer will remember you and will be delighted with the caprice and care you took with the transaction made.

Stickers to seal packages and packages, labels and tags are great ways to add style and elegance to the shopping experience of those who purchase products in your store. Thus, it is easier for the customer to imagine that you had all the attention in separating and wrapping your purchase.

Human beings are associative by nature. So, it is very good for the customer to associate the joy of opening the package with the visual identity of your brand. You will certainly be highly recommended by him – and this will be great for getting good referrals from that buyer.

Try customizing stationery, envelopes and other stationery

The habit of receiving handwritten letters has been replaced by electronic messages and emails. However, most people love to receive a handwritten note. Investing in cards and other stationery items can be an extra “treat” for people who buy in your e-commerce.

Depending on your audience and the number of orders you receive daily, it may be interesting to send a personalized card with a brief message thanking you for your purchase.

You can also send messages on important dates, such as customers’ Christmas and birthday. It’s a good way to keep your brand closer to them and be remembered with a smile on your face. Cool, isn’t it?

Try to create catalogs and promotional newspapers

Catalogs act as a kind of showcase for your company . In them, you can put a little of the store’s history, its principles, products and many other information.

There are several ways to make a good catalog. You can bet on something smaller and seasonal, replacing it regularly; or something more complete and lasting, with products from the regular line of your e-commerce. Promotional newspapers are great for informing about promotions, discounts and opportunities that are happening at the time of purchase. The catalogs serve to show people what they will find in your online store. Catalogs are tempting and important – that’s for sure!

If the online store is geared towards the fashion segment, an interesting idea is to invest in lookbooks. Through them, customers have access to photos of advertising campaigns and can have the exact idea of ​​how the pieces look on the body, in addition to having ideas to compose their productions. Try to highlight the most well-accepted products on the market and invest in good photos.

There are countless graphic materials for online store that can be used to expand the reach of those who sell online. If you work as an intermediary or reseller, make sure that the chosen company has good references in the market and is concerned with the finish of the products. After all, in order for you to have good access to potential customers, it is necessary to invest both in quality raw materials, such as  high definition paper and printing, as well as in a different and well-made design.

If you are an e-commerce owner and want to do everything yourself, this will certainly be possible. It will take a little more work, as you must create each item individually and lead to a reliable printing press. There are several companies specialized in elaborating and making corporate materials. So, it is worth making a budget before you even make the decision to do everything yourself.


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