7 tips to innovate in the resale of graphic materials

The graphic market is always being influenced by technological advances that make it possible to present news to consumers of this type of product. For this reason, innovating in the resale of graphic materials, becomes a simple task if you keep up to date.

New techniques,  raw materials , equipment and finishes are constantly appearing, launching trends and allowing resellers to detach themselves from the competition. After all, those who come out ahead win more by offering news to the final consumer.

Thinking about it, we prepared this post with 7 incredible and essential tips that will help you innovate in the resale of graphic materials and, consequently, have many more customers and profits in your business. Check out!

1. Invest in differentiated products

Try to go beyond “beans and rice”, that is, the basics that every graphic retailer offers. This does not mean that you cannot offer essential materials with the most common finishes, such as business cards and folders in the usual formats. But, in addition to them, it is also necessary to provide formats with  purposes  and finishes that no one else has.

In this regard, creativity is as important as technology. Think of innovative ways for business cards, different folds for folders or tags in formats and sizes never used before. They will certainly be successful and will be copied by the competition as soon as they are discovered.

2. Provide new types of finishes

Researching new finishing options such as varnishes and reliefs is also a good option to innovate in the resale of materials. Today the possibilities in this sector are endless, offering coverings with different sensations to the touch, to look and some even with different aromas.

Some examples of this are soft touch, holographic varnish,  hot stamping and plates for high and  low relief , not to mention the multitude of custom knives that may be responsible for the introduction of several innovative formats in the graphic market, created by their resale .

3. Offer special and exclusive products

Remember when we talked about creating different formats that will soon be copied by the competition? Well, while they are exclusive, those products that are only found in your resale will be your biggest differential. This type of offer is the main responsible for customer loyalty.

In addition to the differentiated items, the services added to your product are also important. For example, scheduled deliveries, shorter deadlines for the production of materials, creation of arts and good support for closing files are also factors capable of attracting, captivating and retaining customers.

4. Gift your customers with sample kits

Both for those who resell to the end consumer and for agencies and  graphic designers , offering sample kits is a great differentiator, since they often help the professional to have new ideas to surprise their customers.

In addition, the sample kits are also important for your consumers to know the quality and creativity used in their products. They will help your audience to more easily visualize the innovation in their proposals, since many times the new features and finishes that appear on the market are not even known by the consumer.

5. Choose a good supplier to innovate in the resale of graphic materials

In order for all of the above to be possible, it is essential to have the partnership of a good supplier of graphic products. Just think that, for you to offer your customer, for example, a more agile delivery time, your supplier requires greater operational capacity in relation to the others.

In addition, how much it is updated and aligned with new technologies and the use of exclusive materials also ends up making a big difference in the options you will have to offer your customer.

6. Invest in your online presence

After talking about merchandise differentials and customer service to innovate in the resale of graphic products, it is impossible not to mention your “findability” as a reseller, since nowadays everything is first sought online.

Therefore, it is very important to invest in your presence on  social networks  and search engines, such as Google. In addition, the opinion of your customers needs to be accessible to new consumers. This strategy is vitally important for decision making.

Remember that when you search for a product or service, you try to find out what other consumers are saying about it and try to get as much information as possible before contacting the company in order to answer questions for, who you know, close a deal.

Giving your customer the option to choose products, close the purchase and make the payment online is also a good way to innovate in the resale of graphic materials. Think that, through an e-commerce, you will be available to your consumer 24/7 and will be able to sell even when you are at home resting.

7. Worry about the customer approach

Last but not least, the way you approach your customers makes all the difference so that they understand where innovation is in your products. There is no point in revolutionizing your deliveries if you do not know how to show your customers your differentials.

So, create different names and presentations for different products. For example, a business card with a holographic finish should not be presented to the consumer simply as a business card, but perhaps as a holographic card.

This new way of approaching the customer with the differential already expressed in the presentation of the product will make all the difference so that he recognizes the innovation in his graphic products and services.

As you can see throughout this post, there are countless ways to innovate in the resale of graphic materials. This can happen in the mix of products and services, in attendance, in the technological resources used, in the medium of commercialization and in the approach used to demonstrate innovation to the customer.

So don’t waste any more time and start thinking right now on how to innovate in the resale of graphic materials so that it is possible to increase your loyal customer base, and consequently, your sales.


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