Creating a playground for children according to Waldorf

Creating a playground for children according to Waldorf

Waldorf pedagogy is based on Rudolf Steiner’s teachings for the harmonious growth of children. There are several Steiner schools in Italy and around the world but parents can also try to recreate a rich and stimulating environment for children at home based on the teachings of Waldorf pedagogy .

One of the main elements to organize a Waldorf play space is the presence of wooden shelves without doors where to place the children’s toys so that they can easily reach them, take them to play and rearrange them at the end.The wood is the main material of furniture elements for a game Waldorf space because it is the closest to the natural environment material we have available.

In the steinerian schools, especially in the kindergarten, toys are used by children to learn to be attentive and aware, to awaken creativity, to transmit harmony and a sense of peace .With play, the child expresses his own way of relating to the world. The play structures are very simple and versatile. The same type of wooden shelves can be used to store Waldorf dolls or to create a children’s kitchen .

For example, in Waldorf schools it is possible to recreate the spaces of a miniature house thanks to the wooden shelves to be combined with different accessories. Everything is made for children.It is very important to be able to create a welcoming space for children to play in peace.

Waldorf: materials for children’s games

Toys made of natural materials are preferred :

  • Wood
  • Cloth
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Felt
  • Knitted and crocheted toys
  • Waldorf dolls

Waldorf toys help children feel free and use their imagination , without being too conditioned by well-defined shapes. Therefore the same space can be transformed into a different environment, in the name of fluidity. In a shelf we can create a kitchen to play and then a dollhouse.

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