Protein silver: what it is, benefits, uses and side effects

Protein silver , a product that moms and dads with young children almost always know. But what exactly is it? What are the benefits and uses of this type of silver?In case of colds , stuffy nose or other upper respiratory problems, pediatricians recommend the drops of silver protein. It is in fact one of the most widely used nasal decongestants and disinfectants (including ear plugs) that can be used safely on children.

In fact, in the event of a cold, adults can use decongestant nasal drops with an active vasoconstrictor ingredient capable of freeing the nose. However, this type of drug is forbidden for children under 12 years of age and since we love natural remedies above all, we prefer to choose more “green” solutions even if we are already older.

But when it comes to protein silver what exactly is it?



Protein Silver is a non-prescription drug made up of silver ions which is found in liquid form and appears yellow-brown in color.Also called vitellinated silver , this product manages to avoid bacterial replication and causes the death of pathogenic microorganisms.It is a remedy known already in antiquity , when silver was used not only against colds and ear infections but also to disinfect wounds and for other problems where antiseptic action was needed.

The level of concentration of active ingredients of protein silver varies from 0.5% to 2%, the doctor will indicate the most suitable product based on the age of the child.

So remember that silver protein is:

• A non-prescription drug

• A yellow-brown liquid found in drops

• It is used in the nose or ears

• Can have active ingredients from 0.5% to 2%


The benefits that proteinized silver offers are substantially two: the antibacterial and the decongestant effect .

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of silver have been known since ancient times, we have also already spoken to you about colloidal silver.The ability to fight bacteria is expressed as silver ions inhibit replication by intervening in the metabolism of bacteria, therefore on the one hand they block the replication processes on the other they cause their death .

The mechanism by which silver proteinate has a decongestant effect on the mucous membrane of the nose is not yet well understood.


Protein silver is used exclusively for two purposes:

• Disinfect and free the stuffy nose

• Disinfect the ears

It can therefore be recommended in case of:

• Cold

• Sinusitis

• Get


As we have seen, silver protein is used above all in case of cold and stuffy nose precisely because of its disinfectant and decongestant qualities. In the pharmacy it is available in drops that can be used in the nose or in the ears always under the indication of the pediatrician or doctor.Generally it is recommended to use 1 to 3 drops per nostril several times a day , while for the disinfection of the ears the drops are maximum 2. Also in this case the specialist will give you the indications after evaluating the specific case.

Given the reddish yellow color of silver protein, when using it is necessary to be careful not to drop it since it stains clothes but also the skin. When using the drops in the nose or ears it is always good to have a tissue to immediately dab the product spills.

In summary, the silver protein is used:

• 1-3 drops per nostril several times a day
• 1-2 drops in the ears

Once the package has been opened, it must be used within 15 days.


The only side effects of protein silver occur in case of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or of an excessively prolonged or high dose use. In this case, burning and redness may appear in the areas where it came into contact.

Since it is often used on children, it is very important to keep the package out of their reach to avoid possible ingestion of the product. Better not to use it in pregnancy or breastfeeding , since there are no studies that attest to its safety in such delicate periods.


The silver protein solution can interact with papain-based products , an enzyme that is extracted from the fruit of the papaya. The concomitant use of proteined silver and papain could inhibit its enzymatic action.


Even if it is a widely used product, not everyone agrees that proteinated silver is really useful and effective. Scientific research is also conflicting on this topic. In this regard, we also present other possible remedies to free the stuffy nose.


In the case of chilled young children, the best way to combat a stuffy nose is to wash your nose using physiological , hypertonic, seawater or thermal water. Among other things, these are always recommended even if you use protein silver, it must be considered that young children are still unable to blow their noses or in any case do not do it whenever it would be necessary.

In case of stuffy nose, therefore, the top recommended remedy for children is nasal washing to be carried out with:

• Physiological solution
• Hypertonic solution
• Sea water.Thermal water

Other remedies to clear the nose are the items with hot water, chamomile and baking soda (not easy, however, for children to do), the use of a humidifier in the room when sleeping or an instrument such as lota. Also valid is the remedy of the grandmother who plans to cut an onion, leave it in the room and breathe its smell rich in substances that not only make you water but are also able to free your nose.

Other natural remedies for stuffy nose also suitable for children are:

• Documents with hot water, chamomile and bicarbonate

• Use a humidifier

• Washing with the lotus

• The onion cut

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