Rose essential oil: 10 properties and food use

The essential rose oil is obtained from  Rosa damascena , a plant of the Rosaceae family. Known for its many properties, it has a  balancing, soothing and harmonizing action.Rose essential oil is of great interest in the production of perfumes, mostly it is used in aromatherapy, and also for its numerous healing properties:

Antidepressant properties

Rose essential oil has the property of calming the nervous system and acting as a tonic to relieve the symptoms of depression . Suitable for recalling positive thoughts, feelings of joy, happiness, increasing self-esteem, hope and mental strength, facing depressive symptoms.

How to use rose essential oil and make the most of its properties: from nutrition, internal use to aromatherapy

How to use Rose essential oil

Essence diffuser : you must put 1 drop of rose and 3 drops of lavender essence in your essence burner to enjoy a relaxing effect in the evening before going to sleep. Or to highlight the aphrodisiac properties of the rose, you need to combine 1 drop of rose essence, 1 drop of jasmine and 2 drops of vanilla .

Aromatic baths : it is advisable to prepare a therapeutic aroma bath by taking 150 g of integral sea salt and adding 10 g of dried rosebuds, 2 drops of rose essence, 3 drops of rosewood essence and 4 drops of vanilla essence. Mix everything with a wooden spoon and leave to rest for hours. Fill the bath with hot water and pour the salts enriched with flowers and essences.

Face creams and oils : to take advantage of the anti-aging properties of the rose, you need to add 2 drops of essence to your day or night cream.

Massage oils : to enjoy relaxing and rebalancing massages, it is recommended to pour 2 drops of rose essence and 5 drops of sweet orange essential oil into 50 ml of jojoba oil .

Contraindications of Rose essential oil

Rose oil has no contraindications , however it is recommended to use the rose only for external use and in low dosages . In fact, the vigorous perfume if it is too strong could cause nausea and headache.

Tips: do not use it in pregnancy and on children except on the advice of the doctor, make yourself aware before buying, if the essential oil you are about to buy is for “food” or “environmental” use since the latter type is needed only to perfume and cannot be ingested and inhaled. Also avoid do it yourself, because even if it is natural it does not mean that it never hurts, moreover the oils have different dosages according to the symptoms and situations.

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