Bergamot essential oil:properties,natural remedies and use

The Bergamot is one of the species most used by the perfume industry for its fresh and floral aroma. Here we will talk about the precious essential oil and all its properties.

For cleaning the skin
Bergamot is often used to solve aesthetic problems such as excessive skin fatness and inflammation.
• Mask to shrink pores: beat the egg white, add 5 drops of bergamot oil, apply on the face for 5-10 minutes.
• Mask for cleaning the skin: mix grape oil, bergamot and thyme, apply on the face for 15 minutes.
• Means for normalizing the sebaceous glands: prepare a solution of distilled water (75 ml), glycerin (15 ml) and a few drops of essential oils of bergamot, geranium and sandalwood. Apply to problem areas for 15 minutes.
• Mask for skin nutrition: mix jojoba oil, grapes and bergamot, apply on the face for 10 minutes.
• Cosmetic enrichment: add a few drops of essential oil in a dose of cream, milk, cream or tonic.
• Tonic body lotion: mix a few drops of bergamot oil, lemon, neroli and rosemary with almond oil (50 ml).
• Hydration of the skin of the hands: every day, apply a few drops of bergamot oil on the hands and massage.

Bergamot perfume can be prepared at home from various essential oils.
Recipe for perfume with the effect of reducing appetite: honey essential oil – 8 drops, jasmine – 3 drops, bergamot – 5 drops, grapefruit – 5 drops, roses – 1 drop.
Different aphrodisiac recipes:
• jojoba oil – 10 drops, bergamot – 2 drops, sandalwood – 2 drops, vanilla and cinnamon – 1 drop.
• jojoba oil – 10 ml, bergamot – 5 drops, coriander – 5 drops, roses – 3 drops, neroli – 3 drops, jasmine – 1 drop.

Citrus cologne: orange oil – 6 drops, bergamot – 6 drops, lavender – 2 drops, rosemary – 1 drop, rosewood – 2 drops, peppermint – 1 drop, spoonful of alcohol. Shake the mixture and insist in a dark and cool place for a week.
Perfume with a floral scent: Rose petals – 5 drops, jasmine – 5 drops, geranium and mandarin – 2 drops, bergamot, ylang-ylang and sassafras – drop by drop, 20 ml of 90-degree ethyl alcohol.
Perfume with fresh fragrance: lemon oil – 5 drops, balm and lavender – 3 drops, orange blossom – 2 drops, bergamot – 2 drops, 20 ml of 90-degree ethyl alcohol.

Contraindications of bergamot essential oil .

The essential oil of bergamot is photosensitive so, if you expose yourself to the sun or to solar lamps, after using the bergamot on your skin, you may find irritation and burns. We therefore advise you not to expose yourself to the sun or solar lamps for the next 12 hours; to avoid any risk you can use bergamot-based creams or vegetable oils in the evening before bedtime.

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