How to create Gifs for Whatsapp

We all use GIFs to express ourselves or make jokes. Learn how to create your own GIFS for Whatsapp!

For the past couple of years, GIFs have become one of the preferred forms of communication on social media. If you do not know how to make GIFs for WhatsApp , it is easier than you think.

Like everything that characterizes a generation accustomed to blazing fast communication, GIFs condense a large amount of information into a small number of frames that loop over and over again. GIFs for Whatsapp have become a very popular way of communicating with images, especially since 2017, the year in which the application added to Android the possibility to search for them without leaving the app .

Like the already well-known memes, there are GIFs on all subjects and for all tastes. You can find GIFs for Whatsapp about politics, music, movies, comics, whatever. This not only has to do with the effectiveness that this medium has to communicate, but also with how easy it is to learn how to make GIFs for WhatsApp .

How to create animated GIFs instantly

The best thing about WhatsApp is that it offers us the possibility of creating animated GIFs for WhatsApp in seconds without having to leave the application interface at any time . For this, you only have to open a chat with the person with whom you want to share your GIF.

Once you are in the chat, you will have to press the camera button that allows you to share photos and videos instantly. Here you just have to record a short video, of a few seconds, not more than ten.

When you finish taking the video, you will have the option to send it, as usual. You have to look at the top left where a small button that says GIF will appear.

Just by pressing that button, you can create your animated GIFs for Whatsapp . When you press that button, you can choose the number of frames of the video that you want to enter your GIFs for Whatsapp. Just slide the bar you see in the capture menu and voila! You already know how to make GIFs for Whatsapp.

How to make GIFs for Whatsapp from stored videos

Sometimes you may also want to make GIFs for Whatsapp from a video that you already have saved or one that was sent to you. When you want to do it the same way we described before, you may have noticed that the necessary button doesn’t appear. Perhaps you have even used external applications or pages that allow you to generate them quickly, although it is quite a hassle to have to resort to an external interface.

Don’t worry, you can also create animated GIFs for Whatsapp from videos that you have stored in the phone’s memory , and it’s much easier than you might think. Actually, in this case, the problem you have is not that you don’t know how to create GIFs for Whatsapp, but simply that the video you want to use is too long. A GIF supports a maximum of six seconds , so if your video lasts longer, WhatsApp will not enable the option to share the video as GIF, and will simply hide the button from view.

All you have to do is go to the bar you see above and drag the cursor until the GIF button appears. You have to cut it enough so that it does not last more than six seconds and the button will appear immediately . Now, you can now convert any video into a GIF for Whatsapp.

How to create gifs from photos

All of the above described covers what you need to know how to make gifs for WhatsApp from the same application. However, they can also be created through several photos , in case you are interested in this type of option.

To be able to make gifs from photos, you will have to have an application that allows you to do it, since WhatsApp does not have this function and, in general, there is no factory application that does it. So, to create gifs from photos.

GIF Maker

GIF Maker is an Android application that allows you to create GIFs from images, videos, or whatever you want. It has the advantage that it also offers a series of options that make it much easier to share your GIFs on social networks and online platforms such as GHIPHY and others. It is the most popular and contains everything you could need, in addition to allowing you to edit the images you are going to use to do the job .

This application has an excellent reputation, 4.5 stars based on more than 88 thousand reviews from users who have downloaded the application.


This is the most recognized platform and the best thing is that it does not require any type of installation . GPHY has all the functionalities to create GIFs from images or videos, all very easily. The web in general offers very fast navigation.

Although the most convenient way to use this option is a PC, it also works very well on mobile devices . So, if you do not want to install any application, and WhatsApp does not offer you what you need, this is probably the alternative that best suits you.


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