10 Traveling Apps you Must Have For Traveling

These are all the travel applications you need. When making a trip you must bring these essential applications to travel.

The end of the year is approaching and you are already planning your next vacation in an excel spreadsheet . You research the destination, the accommodation, the different activities you can do and visualize yourself resting and disconnecting from the work period. You may not have noticed, but our smartphone is essential when undertaking a long journey ; after all, he is with us almost 24 hours a day. Due to this, below we will tell you what are those travel applications that you need yes or yes .

Google Maps

We cannot make a list of the best apps to travel without including Google Maps . The GPS app of the American firm is the absolute queen of the sector; it has a host of extremely useful and well-designed options, which means that any type of user, from a young computer scientist to an elderly person, can enjoy it. The main advantage of Google Maps is that it is pre-installed on practically any Android device and can be downloaded on iOS .


Once we are in our dream vacation destination, it is likely that we do not have a vehicle in our possession and traveling by public transport is not an option due to waiting times and the possible inconveniences that these can entail. For this situation, there is Uber , an app available on Android and iOS that allows us to move from one place to another through cars driven by users heading to the same destination. The popular application has two great advantages: the first is the price, which is usually lower than that of different alternatives such as a taxi ; the second is reliability, which results in a high driver rating andallows us to travel safely and calmly .


PayPal is considered the number one application to transfer and receive payments internationally. When making a trip, it is important to have this software on your smartphone since it can save us from an economic hardship in case of theft or any inconvenience that requires a large amount of money. Unlike an international bank transfer, the fees are much lower .


Another of the most popular and important applications when making a trip is Airbnb . By downloading the software on Android or iOS devices , you can access a wide range of private accommodation; This means that the owners of houses with extra rooms will make this space available to you so that you can stay during your holidays and learn more about their culture and local lifestyle.


When we go on vacation, our best friend will be music, which can be consumed from Spotify . The successful app includes a free version, which is fed by advertising, and a paid one, which allows you to listen to songs and podcasts unlimitedly and offline . If you are a lover of sound and want to spend time, Spotify can not miss on your smartphone, it is undoubtedly an essential travel app.


For all cyclists and nature lovers there is Bikemap , an application that will show us the best routes for cycling. At first glance it is similar to other GPS apps, but the important thing is that this software, which can be found on Android and the Apple app store , has been improving the user experience and locating routes suitable for those who go from one place to another by bicycle.


We arrived at our vacation destination. We decided to have lunch in an important restaurant. We eat as if there is no tomorrow. We go out to explore the city and nature calls us . We are in crisis until we remember that we have Flush on our smartphone , the application that will show us all the public toilets available in the area. We can relax now. Available for Android and iOS , Flush is one of the best apps for traveling.

Google Fit

Vacation is not synonymous with doing nothing . Many people, when detaching themselves from work or academic responsibilities, take advantage of the moment to start doing sports (at least push-ups ). No need to join a club or take CrossFit classes , just download Google Fit and maintain a lifestyle that is not sedentary. The application that is found for both Android and iOS will help us time our rhythm, detailing the calories we consume day after day, will allow us to keep track of the days we do not train and more.

XE Currency

You will not always travel to places in the world where they use the same currency as your country; XE Currency will allow you to know the exchange rate and the parities of the different currencies. In this way, you will not have to be constantly with a calculator verifying how many euros are a dollar, how much is a Swiss franc or how many cents of a pound sterling are ten Argentine pesos. In addition, the platform allows you to make international transfers just like PayPal.


As we tell you in this article , Oxford is a dictionary application that has a huge number of languages ​​and a database full of vocabulary that is not usually taught in schools or institutes of foreign languages. The reason why it is considered one of the best applications for traveling is because it will allow us to communicate seamlessly with locals from other countries.


Everything good comes to an end, so we must be aware of how many days we have on vacation. The best way to find out quickly is thanks to Month , an Android application that will provide us with a calendar widget to include on our home screen and thus calculate the time we have left and be able to organize ourselves correctly.


If you want to travel by public transport during your holidays, you need to download to your Android or iOS device Moovit , an application that will inform you of the schedules and routes of local trains and buses. Thanks to its intuitive design, any type of person can use Moovit.


Previously known as GoEuro, Omio is an application that, like many other alternatives available for Android and iOS , will allow us to find plane, train and bus tickets at the best price. Omio is available in multiple languages ​​and allows prices to be displayed in a wide variety of currencies.

Google Keep

A large number of people believe that the best way to take advantage of vacations is to carry out as many activities as possible, so that we do not have any free time in which our minds can wander and continue thinking about study or work . For all those who think like this, there is Google Keep , the notes application most chosen by users. Available for Android and iOS , the software will allow us to transform our thoughts into words and, in addition, it will be synchronized to our Google account , so we can see the notes on any linked device.


When taking a plane, it is important to know the state of it, that is, where it is, when it lands, how the weather is, etc. FlightAware gives us all of this and more . Available for Android and iOS , it is one of the most recommended apps for traveling.


One of the most interesting travel applications on the market is Couchsurfing , an app with social network features that allows travelers to find accommodation around the world. The interesting thing here is that the accommodation will not be a hotel or a house for rent, but it is the same home where local people are living. In this way, not only will we save enough money, we will also know the culture of the country we go to and we will even be able to make new friends .

Although you need applications to make your trip more bearable, the important thing is that everyone enjoy that short period of rest that people deserve after a long year of study and work.


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