How are costs calculated in a company?

The administration of a business that refers to the optimal ability to make a good management of the available resources is an effective measure to achieve that purpose. Not all media have the same nature. This forecasting plan is recommended not only in the initial phase of the work, but also in later stages. How to perform this calculation ? Below we list the different elements you should consider to achieve success.

Fixed costs

It is those amounts that, although the circumstances of the company change, remain month to month. For example, the rate of the services you have hired from other providers. Also, the monthly payment of the rent for the premises or the amount of the mortgage. In fact, these are two of the essential objectives.

Although an entrepreneur wants to significantly reduce their volume of permanent expenses, it is difficult to do so in the traditional trade model. The online sector opens up new opportunities by not being located in a specific physical space.

Variable expends

Those types of flexible payments that fluctuate depending on different indicators are framed in this typology. For example, the investment made in advertising actions changes based on current needs.

If the entrepreneur wants to carry out an expense reduction plan, he must direct his strategy in this direction to minimize those amounts that are classified as not fixed.



Salary cost

A company is made up of people. Human Resources are also aligned with accounting, since optimal payroll management should be done with a comprehensive view of the total amount that is destined for this main purpose.

These expenses not only serve to cover those professionals hired on staff, but also the possible outsourcing of a particular function.


To the different expenses of an organization, those that respond to the fulfillment of the legal base established for each type of company are also added.

Direct and indirect expenses

What is the amount intended to cover the costs of manufacturing the products that are part of the catalog? For example, raw materials or resources. Without them, it is unfeasible to offer these proposals to the customer within the expected time frame. This marketing plan does not end in the act of production itself. Therefore, indirect actions also arise that are not at the origin of that stage but are binding to continue with the chain.

Both are interconnected, but they are different. It is easier to make a forecast of what is the total necessary for direct purposes. This precision is also in the initial action plan.

To calculate the costs of a company it is advisable to evaluate the total necessary to cover each section. The calculation of the production is vital to specify what will be the benefit obtained in the sale of each good.

Therefore, talking about this issue also means focusing on the profitability and viability of that mission that, to be possible, requires a budget for this purpose.

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