What is the best way to find partners?

Many entrepreneurs want to start a business but do not want to do it alone. They are looking for a partner with whom to achieve common goals and take responsibility for the plan. How to find the perfect partner in such a situation?


Friends or family

It is convenient to pay attention to the idea that states that it is better not to mix business with friendship when this message is taken linearly. However, in a broader interpretation of this phrase, there may be the circumstance that two people who know each other well, have an optimal academic and professional preparation, in addition to having this good harmony in intimacy.

In fact, a person shares many conversations with beings he trusts. For example, there may be talks about job desires, dreams to fulfill and business forms. In that dialogue of friendship the seed of a company with a future can begin to be born. Words also feed the projects through understanding.

University classmates

Academic life can mark the future of a person beyond the same period of the learning cycle on campus. There may be external factors that mark a turning point in the destiny of the human being. This space of vocation and inspiration is also a place of social relationships and emotional abilities. After having lived with a university partner for so long, a new link between the two in the workplace can also emerge when cooperating as partners that have matured their commercial proposal from the classroom.



Two people can be part of the same family, in addition to being university classmates, even in different careers.


Your network of contacts may have greater potential than you imagine, since around this context, possible alliances may also be born. Obviously, this possibility is more likely to occur with a contact with whom you maintain a higher quality relationship from the qualitative point of view of the link. That is, it is someone you know more than other potential collaborators in the professional field and, in turn, also knows you.

This networking can occur even within the family group, especially if it is extensive and several members of the same generation have studied in a similar time frame.

Mentoring for entrepreneurship

When a person considers the possibility of setting up a business, he lives with a high level of uncertainty around the extensive list of issues that may come to his mind at that time. For this reason, the support of a mentor can be definitive to answer any questions about the issue of choosing partners for entrepreneurship. From his position, he shares his experience and his advice to add light to the life of that person who is in a decisive moment.

The mentor is the voice of experience, someone to raise issues of value to clarify any concerns regarding this issue of finding a good partner for that action plan.


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