How to convey the script to the actors

When transmitting the script to the actors, it is assumed that what you have to do is give the script to the actor and that the actor memorize and rehearse it until he controls it perfectly. In theory, this is the traditional and most common approach, since what is sought is that the actor knows his character, gets into the role and somehow automates that fictional character within him. This method gives good results, but it depends a lot on the capabilities of the actor, since it can lead to somewhat forced or robotic performances, far from the expected naturalness.

However, there are other ways to convey the script to the actors to implement their acting. The famous director Andrei Tarkovski claimed in his book, Esculpir en el tiempo (1985), that he tried to share the script as little as possible with the actors so that they would act in the most natural way possible, since he claimed that knowing the entire script from the principle could negatively affect performance and detract from unpredictability of events. Furthermore, he conceived the script as something flexible that could even be modified by the actors themselves. An option close to that of Tarkovski would be to show the script exclusively before each scene , without revealing the entirety.

Another interesting approach to transmit the script to the actors is the one shared by Ryan Gosling in an interview that appears in the documentary Seduced and Abandoned (2013) where he recognizes that the best interpretations given by an actor are the first ones and that rehearsing too much can backfire. . From this point of view, the ideal would be to publicize the script from the beginning, but record the first performance performed by the actors, reducing rehearsals. Thus the most natural result would be obtained as long as the actors are professionals.


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