How to convert a photo to sepia tone.

The sepia tone is a brown-gray color and the name derives from the color of the ink of the sepia.It is obtained through a technique that fades the image and gives it an older appearance.Everyone loves those brown tones in the images.

To transform a photo from color to sepia you must first make a color-to-black-and-white conversion, and then go to Image > Adjustment> Color Balance.Change the first and third lines by moving the cursor to Red and Yellow respectively. You will immediately see the changes in the image preview and you can easily decide what effect you want.

How to convert a photo to sepia tone.

Sepia is the darker shade of a color, be it yellow, red or brown, which occurs mainly in photographs.It is a transformation that is used very often, but the truth is that not everyone knows how to get a good photo in sepia tones so we are going to show you how you can get this effect with a few simple steps in Photoshop .

Two ways to convert a photo to sepia tone

The first thing we have to do is to open our photograph in Photoshop and to think if the photo in question and the idea of ​​turning it into sepia is the best option for our design because it is an effect that as you know gives a feeling of old photo.

Another way to achieve this effect with Photoshop , is to go back to the image menu / adjustments / color balance.

Sepia effect in photoshop.

The easiest way to get a sepia effect is to process the image in a graphic editor .

  • Open the original image (color image) File – Open
  • Translate into a black and white image Image.
  • Now you need to apply a sepia image imitation filter.

sepia is a very beautiful color, reminiscent of the color of dry autumn leaves. Initially it was a natural dye. Sepia was used not only by artists, but also by photographers to tint photographs in brown. Natural sepia was made from the ink bag of marine mollusks.

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