What Is Antifreeze Tester;How Does It Work

An antifreeze tester is a small, portable device that helps control antifreeze and coolant. It is normally used by automobile owners to determine the freezing point of their vehicle’s antifreeze.This tool is ideal for people who are interested in automotive and “do-it-yourself” activities.It provides a simple and effective alternative in car repair shop. Motorists can simply reach and apply for this device easily.

Mode of application

  • The testing process is based on the principle of light decomposition, which allows for accurate measurements.
  • The reading of the instrument is made on a clear dividing line light / dark.
  • You can test both cold and hot liquid.
  • The sharpness of the image is adjusted by rotating the eyepiece.
  • The accuracy of the device is controlled by distilled water.
  •  Unscrew the cap, checking beforehand that a suitable temperature and pressure are found to prevent personal injury.
    Take a sample of antifreeze liquid up to the indicated limit.
    Visual verification of sediment disposal or corrosion.
    Check the level of protection by the position of the floating needle at both temperature scales.
    Correction of antifreeze liquid if necessary.

Testing process:

  •  Ensure that the instrument prism (1) and the cap (2) are clean.
  •  Using the supplied pipette, place a drop of the test liquid on the prism (1).
  •  Close the cover (2), this will cause the liquid to spread.
  • Turn the eyepiece (4) so ​​as to achieve focus.
  •  Read the values ​​on the scale along the Light / Dark dividing line.
  • After each test, thoroughly clean the prism with a dry, clean cloth.

You must Check the antifreeze level by looking at the markings on the side of the tank. The two marks indicate the antifreeze levels when the engine is hot, which is marked as “complete”, and when the cold arrives, which is marked as “low”. If the antifreeze is between the low and full line, that’s fine. If it is a little low add water to return it to the proper level, but if it is more than a quarter low, then you will have to add more antifreeze and then test the freezing point to see if it has the right level to protect your engine.

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